imself > and me his wife. aman

I live in Muncie Indiana. dear God, bless you and please > know that you are a blessing to my life. I would to share my story > with you, I know you must be very bissy so I will not take to much of > your time. > i am standing on Gods word for my marriage. Its has been the hardest thing > Ive been through in my life and walk with the Lord, but I am thankful at > the same time because it has brought me closer to Jesus then I ever was, > and i know that my husband will come back to me because his life is better > with me. I also know that God is not a man that he could lie and that God > will restore the years that have been sto in our marriage. I have been > married twenty three years and the last two my husband has been back and > forth with a much younger woman. However I know he is deceived and > backslide when I told the lord that I love my husband for better or worse > I didnt say well Lord as long as everything goes my way then and only then > will I stay in this marriage. yes I have my days on top of the mountan and > my days in the valley. I am looked on by people in the world and in the > church as week, however that is far from true it takes great strength to > stand on Gods word for your marriage, to take God at his word to keep > asking when everyone around you thinks its hopeless. the girl has been > very mean to me said every hurtful thing she could come up with time after > time. however our father is so great not only has he made a way for me to > forgive her over and over. I pray for her not just that God would turn her > heart from my husband but hat he would save her that no harm would come to > her, and that she would never know my pain. I also pray day and night with > out ceasing for my husband to come to himself and return to his first love > Jesus that he would know what is good and true and be set free from > bondage. what is really sad to me is that many Christians give the same > advise as the world gives move on find another man, my reply is always the > same show where Jesus said that in his word. many people say thy want to > be Jesus until thy are called to be. I ask God most days to make me > the wife he wants me to be and I remind myself that love covers a multude > of sin, and love is not just a word is is a way of life when we look to > Jesus and that God said he made us one so many time when I pray I ask God > to to set me free from the other woman and to bring me home to him and my > wife, we just have got to get to a place where we rely belive Gods word > and live we do. i am thankful for your site and I am thankfull I came > across it tonight becouse, so many times people say just thank God and be > happy thy say where is your joy, the thing is when your husband is in the > world and was once a man of God and you are one with him, you have a > berden and a berden dose not meen joy. all my hope is in God I know all I > can do is to keep it before him, untill he brings Aaron back to himself > and me his wife. aman

perity. In Jesus name…. Amen

Please pray for my family. we are facing some financial problems. we are burdened with sufferings and all kinds of problems financial and deep debt. We are financially crippled. Only by miracle of God will somehow get us through this tough time. Please pray for us we can not get out of this. please pray that God opens the windows of the heaven and pour on us great financial blessings.please god help my sister bless her and give her success about her aim in life for study in USA . please pray for my Dad?s business & give him success. please God bless my dad?sbusiness.Please pray that my special intention will be granted by the sacred heart of Jesus . I believe it may take a miracle to grant my special intention and respite from my grief.. I don?t know what to do. Please bless me. I?m in a great sorrow right now because I have so many problems and all I want is peace of mind. I am praying and asking for penance & forgiveness because of my sin.. please pray for my house, good health for my all family members, specially my mom?s health and good finance for us and for our all round prosperity. In Jesus name…. Amen

and i will forever praise you

Dear god, how are you. i know i keep asking for things but i really need these things to come to me a friend (girl) who can be a sister to me and we can share everything a home where there is enough room for everyone the right type of boy in my life some one who will love me and take care of me to take away all the fake friends i have in my life and replace them with good people too stop me from lying so that i may be more than i am to give me a job opportunity so that i may support myself and my family a break so that i may be able to sing on television and do what i love the most and share it with the world most of all i want a closer relationship with you god please answer my prayer in your own divine way, make a way that i can be a new Sade and that i may be able to start a fresh i love you messiah and i will forever praise you

my healing and friends healing

please pray for my daughter?s complete healing on drug and alcogol addiction.. she is also a liar hates her family that helps her when she needs help losr her high paying job coz of her stealing now lord you are the only that can forgive her and restore her son will be talking to her about giving all her stuff to the bank coz she can?t afford to pay for it no more.please pray holy spirit to intervene that everything will turn out right. thamks and please god please restore my healing and friends healing

ou sort everything out please.

I am asking God for forgiveness for all my mistakes. For another chance and to prove to the man i love most i am worthy of him, i can treat him right and we can be together and still be happy. A chance to correct all the things i?ve dome badly and to change my ways. To prove i can be independant, mature and responsible. Please give me the chance to prove myself to the main man in my life, and please help him out too. He?s depressed and struggling, mainly because of me amd i can?t do anything to change that. I want to prove to him and have another chance. I love him. Sorry for doing wrong, please forgive me. And can you sort everything out please.

me?? – Kirk Franklin : I smile

Dear god, ?? This is not going to be long I?m gonna make it short ok. Juan is a life right now so I?m asking lord that you help him of what ever it is that making his life bad. Protect him from anything that?s tryin to harm him, bless him, take care of him. Help him PLEASE that?s all I ask. Even though I don?t know him I care for him I want him to be a happy…… Thank you so much I know you will help him I have faith ? Always, C.C.C P.S. – ??Smile its so hard to look up when you?ve been down, sure would hate to see you give up now, you look so much better when you smile, smile for me, can you just smile for me, smile smile smile for me, can you just smile for me?? – Kirk Franklin : I smile

r. Love your Son Benjamin Mia.

Father this is your son, Benjamin Mia. Father please forgive me for all my sins. please restore my marriage and my family so we are one again. Make me into the husband and father that you have called me to be. I lift my family and marriage up to you lord Millie, Priscilla, and Alexander. Love your Son Benjamin Mia.

my sins God please forgive me.

I ask God for forgiveness for all my sins and pray for inner peace and i wanna be a good person. I really really sorry for all my sins God please forgive me.

ings and I need peace of mind.

Hi, I am mad at myself but I can?t a admit it. I have taken to swearing too much. At first I did it to fit in but not it?s just an annoying habit that I can?t stop. Also, about 7 and a half months ago I was quite mean to a boy that I had kinda of been dating. I think he overreacted but I didn?t really make much of a job to apologize but now we just avoid each other and haven?t spoken since. I don?t have to courage to approach him and I also avoid my friends when they are hanging around with him. I need forgiveness for swearing and also for him. I need courage to fix things and I need peace of mind.

ord lump some of money to move

lord forgive me for all my sins help me lord to reach my goal and pay attention i want to be hairstyles make money to take care of my family i need bless lord lump some of money to move