e tis anymore. Please help me.

Dear God, I am in incredible pain right now. Everything is going wrong. I feel lost. Forgive me, but I have lost faith in you. I can?t take tis anymore. Please help me.

alifornia avey weeks your hild

Dear God you have tought me many things but what i have learned the most from you is to love and to beleive in you. God i wanta know does my mother and father beleive in you plus my family i really love love love love love love love love love love love you PS.im am so so so so so sorry about lil man liking my be hind and all the nasty stuff love love love love California avey weeks your hild

precious Son Jesus name, Amen

God, thank you, for everything you have done for my Family and I. Thank you, Jesus for dying for our sins and rising again three days later. God, please send my sister and I Godly men. Please, God you pick them out for us, because we haven?t been doing a good job. God, please let Sylvia get the job at the University, let her be a blessing. God, please send my Family and I a lot of blessings indeed. Please, God give us more territory. Please, God bless our homes, schools, jobs, cars, and where ever we may be. God, please work your super-natural power and let the Coal Miners come out of there alive. God, please heal Billie Williams from cancer. God, please each day protect my Family, Friends, and myself from evil things and people. God, please bless our heart, body, and mind. God, please bless us finacially so we can help the people in need. God, thank you for all of my Family, our Friends, and my blessings. I love you, Father and these blessings I ask in your precious Son Jesus name, Amen

ds. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

I know I am not perfect but are you listening? I left my husband because he was to controlling and he hurt my son. The ??authorities told me I had to if I didn?t I would be in trouble to. What am I doing here then? I remarried a guy that isn?t at all controlling and is very kind and giving to my children but he doesn?t stand up for the things ??I?? feel are right. I get called a user for material things that I don?t care about but I am wrapped up in wanting these people to like me. why do I care. I just get mean and say mean things to the person I truly love. God please help me to stop hurting him. except that he loves me and my kids. and let him know that I truly love him and his kids. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

o have a talk, i love you god.

God, i wanna ask for forgiveness, for everything wrong i have done this week…i will also pray to you tonight, we need to have a talk, i love you god.

nk you Father, In the of Jesus

Dear God, first I would like to start off by thanking you for your Son Jesus, who died for all of or sins. Thank you, so much for all of my Family and my blessings. God, please bless my Family and me a lot indeed. Please give us more territory. Please heal my Family and I body, mind, and spirit. God each day guide our thoughts, actions, and words. God please bless my hands. Please God heal Billie from cancer. Please put me on your highest list. Please tell me what you want me to do. Please Father, bless our homes, cars, schools, and jobs, also where ever we may go. Father, please protect us with the blood of JesusFather, I love you and thank for loving me first. I thank you Father, In the of Jesus

t deserve it.You are superman.

Please bless my whole family with much good health and happiness.My husband Paul i love you ,and wish your cancer never happend to you.You didnt deserve it.You are superman.

. I am at the end of the rope.

I know that I have no right to live. I would take my own life but I am a coward and can?t do it. I have not been a good person and my family have been left to suffer. I just need for my family not to suffer for my sins, I have prayed that god would take me and let my family be released of all the sins I have done, they do not disvere this, I have put them in so debt and they are losing their home because of me. I really want to die I have prayed to god every day to let me die, but every day I wake up and I am still alive, I have lost my faith and don?t know what to do, nobody will talk to me and so I don?t think there is nobody out there to help me. Please would somebody help me. I am at the end of the rope.

pirit. I ask this in your name

Dear God, Bring peace to my troubled soul. Take away the anger bring light to my darkness. Love overcome the anger. Fill my soul Lord with all that is good and pure. Take away this evil that is poisoning my mind,body,and spirit. I ask this in your name

my mom, we really miss her.MCM

I?m praying today for your help. Please help me, so that I don?t have to worry about money. God, please give me good health,so that I can enjoy Michael?s beautiful music. Michael really needs your help, please help him. Please take care of my mom, we really miss her.MCM