my mom, we really miss her.MCM

I?m praying today for your help. Please help me, so that I don?t have to worry about money. God, please give me good health,so that I can enjoy Michael?s beautiful music. Michael really needs your help, please help him. Please take care of my mom, we really miss her.MCM

e happy , I am very lonely jim

well here we go, I do not understand why I am going through this taking care of dad till he died from cancer and I took care of mom for 10 months, till she got hurt and now is in a nursing home please help me and my family , I feel very alone and vulnerable . I wish to be happy , I am very lonely jim

ll. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen

Dear God, Thank you for your wonderful blessings. I am asking you to forgive me for my lack of communicating with you and for being faithfulto you. Please help me to stay in touch with you and to serve you in a way that is most pleasing and correct in your eyes. Please help me with my shortcomings and help me to resist the temptation to continue to be impatient with my life. Please help me to do your will. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen

sk that you will vindicate me.

Lord, I pray for a financial blessing, for strength and wisdom, and for the person in my life to stop gossiping and telling untruths about me. I know you say in your word vengence is Mine and I ask that you will vindicate me.

ay for everlasting peace. AMEN

DEAR LORD, i thank you for every thing in my life. i think you for letting me be in a better place. thank you for amy. and lord i pray for my family to get thru nubans death and i pray to you that josh will make all the right decisions in his life and lord i pray that someday josh will care for me the way i do for him and i pray that one day he will realize how much i love him and lord i pray for amanda also i pray that she does what she needs to do to be happy, and i pray for jeremy to be happy as well i pray that he is not makin a mistake. and i pray for mason i love him and i pray that as he grows up he will do right and i pray for terry to get heeled and be better and for them to find out what is wrong with him. lord i know i have done bad things in my life i know i have sined just like everyone else in the world and lord i pray for you forgivness and i pray for everlasting peace. AMEN

you have brought into my life.

God, Please forgive me of all the sins i have committed.I am truely sorry for them.Thank you for Angela.She was here for only a short while and we never got along,but she brought 2 boys into this world and she helped out somebody while she was here. Lord, Please help me with my oldest son,Dalton.I love him with all my heart,but his behavior and actions towards others is very hurtful to my heart.I dont want others to see him and say mean things about him. God, please help my mother get past all her negitivity.She is negitive about EVERYTHING!Help her to see the positve side of life. Please keep,in my sisters heart,that I love her and im very sorry for causing her so much pain. And God, one last thing,please help Michael. He needs as much help from you as he can get.I really wish he could come home right now.I love him,I miss him and I need him so much. God, Thank you for my my kids.Dalton,Jillian and Ethan. Thank you for such a great mom. Thank you so much for Michael.He and my kids are my happiness in a world of sadness. Andthank you for everyone else you have brought into my life.

food for my 2 children today.

PLeae help me get a job in loss prevention security at valuecity and help me pay my car insurance that is due. also help me get food for my 2 children today.