what is heppening woth my life

dear our god, you are a best god , many days i prayer but why you do not reply my prayer i am vey abset my life and my family i don?t know what is heppening woth my life

on the rode for 7 hours tomoor

plese pray that me and my family from lexington sc are going to boca raton tommor for a long care ride to be safe on the rode for 7 hours tomoor

ore in life I have given up. –

Can you please pray for my husband to come back home to his wife and kids. He walked out and its been very hard for me. I have said some mean things to him he has someone else. Its just has been so hard not my husband home with us. I need pray that God will do a miracle in,my family. I ask for forgiveness for my sins and I pray that God see?s that I will be a good wife to my husband. I dont want any other man. God put us together and let no,man split us apart. Please pray for us please. I am so down and I feel doing nothing anymore in life I have given up. –

. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Lord God, please let Churchill Manitoba Canada Weather get cleared and not have thunder storm and let the rain cloud and rain go away and let it be sun shine right now. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

od. In Jesus name i pray Amen.

Dear God, i come before you bringing my current relationship situation. Please touch my bobb?s heart to forgive me for hurting him. May the love that he have for me will be much more. Allow us oh Lord to spend the rest of our life with each other. Forgive our sins and delivered us from evil spirit. I need your love, guidance, blessing and mercy in our relationship. I love you God. In Jesus name i pray Amen.

ness. I love you father, amen.

Dear lord,thank you for everything that u Have given to me. Please Bless me with ultimate strength to hold on, shine me ur light into my darkness and guide me through at this difficult moment. I need you and please never Eva abandon me. Pls bless my family and I with good health and happiness. I love you father, amen.

r thank you dear farther Amen.

God i ask that you let me jendaihi win the lottery jackpot in the powerball in tonights drawing 6/6/2012 i ask for this not to be rich but to have financial freedom not only for me but for my family i also want to help others and start my own business to be my own boss i am not currently working as you now and i need an income soon to pay my bills i as for this type of income because i can not only have financial freedom but my children will have it as well i also want to have and give birth to another one of your children soon another healthy baby girl and i need this now so please help me now i beg of you, you have blessed me with so much i ask that you bless me again with these lottery winnings tonight 6/6/2012 as the single jackpot winner thank you dear farther Amen.