the strength to be vulnerable.

I feel so hurt and unworthy and guilty. I am ashamed of my past and because of it I am hindered in pursuing future relationships. I feel that I am not a true Christian and will never be no matter how hard I try. I have made radical changes, and I believe they were through the grace of God alone, but when will I be good enough? How can I ever be good enough? I am ashamed of my family and my living situation. I feel no one will love me if they knew where I?m from. What I?ve been through. I need you Jesus. I need you more than ever. Help me to be honest with myself and those around me. Allow me to discuss my pain and overcome it. Give me the strength to be vulnerable.

today be the day Earl returns.

Dear Lord, please hear my desperate plea. Make yourself known to me and show mercy on my soul. I plead still this one thing that makes my faith uncertain. Let not my trust be in vain. With all that I am, with whatever goodness is left in me I ask only this: Please send Earl back to me. Please give me an opportunity to fix this. In Jesus?s name I plead your forgiveness and understanding. Please let today be the day Earl returns.

ers. Love Always, Your Son Art

Dear God, first I would to give Thanks for the life you game me as well as my 3 wonderful children, family & friends. At this time I come to you to place you hands over the heart of my friends daughter (Victoria Young). As you know that she is in a battle with Leukemia. Please stop her pain & if it in your will cure her. Give her & her family the strenght & Faith to fight & win this battle. Please watch over my 3 children (Arthur, Ariel & Mia). Help my 2 oldest find jobs where they get enough hours & are happy at. Help them in their education & in all they do. Watch over my family & Friends as well as their families. For myself I ask that you Prayer for me to be the person you want me to be. help me out in my health, bills & all I do. It?s been 4 years that I divorced & I would to have you help me find someone to love. Thank for taking time out of your busy time & hearing my Prayers. Love Always, Your Son Art

p me to be a good human being!

Lord..Thank you for helping me in my hour of need and so sorry that I did not acknowledge your recent support during my bad times. Please excuse me and do bless me and my family. We need your blessings in the future too.Thank you Lord and Help me to be a good human being!

people that prayes the better.

My knee hurts alot. I can not continue with my activities. I pray to god that he will cure this knee of mine. I have prayed myself too but i thought that the more people that prayes the better.

to him. Please hear my prayer

Dear God, I have been going through a rough breakup and Pray with all my heart that he will come back to me, please hear my Prayer. I have been always trying to do what?s best for others and it would mean the world to me to get him back. I am sorry for my sins and I am thankful for the path you have given me and thank you for leading me to him. Please hear my prayer

to YOU.I love YOU JESUS!!!!!!

Dear,God thank YOu so much ,YOU hear me when I pray in my home or car!Were I go YOU wach for me,take care me.You don??t need my money,You need me and my love to YOU.I love YOU JESUS!!!!!!