COME AND HELP ME!!!!!!!!Amen.

Dear God, I prayed through your beloved Son Jesus Christ need ask for your forgiveness, strength and help in my daily life. My life seem not in good condition or situation and every times I keep blaming you for creating me such as a human that I am now. I am not only blaming you my God, I also express my hatred feeling to you for the time that I need you the most, you never come to my assistant. I really hate my life and at the same time I hate YOU too who created me and I wish I never exist in this world. My existence in this world is nothing!, nothing!…I always confused with my own life. Why God?, why God?, why God? and why have you forsaken me?. Every night before I sleep, I keep saying repeatedly ??I hate my life & I hate God?? this make me really tired. Most of the times I have doubt in the existence of God. Did God really exist? Did God really merciful? Where is God when I really need HIM? etc… I am really tired dealing with myself and God. My God, My God, if you are listening to the cry of my heart and the deep hurt in my heart please come to my rescue. Please tell me that you really loved me & care for me. I really don?t know what to do and very-very tired with my weaknesses in life. Tired for blaming my life and you my God. Please I beg you and really begging you, help in my weaknesses. Weaknesses that I really cannot bear any more. God, please help me. You know what I want, you know what is in my heart. God, my life really in troubled. I can?t handle it by myself without your help. Please once again I called upon your name, COME AND HELP ME!!!!!!!!Amen.


i am extremely sorry my lord. Refresh my mind body and soul. 15.04.2011is an important day in my life. from now onwards i am gods child.i am not going to misbehave in my every single second of my life. save me my lord from every barriers in this world. NOW I AM A NEW SOUL IN THIS WORLD .TO WIN THIS GAME. THANK YOU



r wil b answered,thank u lord.

Pls father lord have mercy on me and save my live,i know u?re d pilar of my live dat?s y i come b4 u 2 seek 4 4giveness & healng,am d cause of all dis insanity 2 myself cos i betrayed u & i refused 2 kip ur laws,father have mercy & giv or show me ur Grace,i?ve d faith dat my prayer wil b answered,thank u lord.

ve…in the name of jesus,amen

oh god firstly thank you fo your blessing…n now jesus please help me,i want your help…god i have realised that once i hurt him badly,now im felling about his true feeling of his love towards me,it was all my fault.,..due to which now im very hard time….i love my boyfriend a lot…infact he is my husband..i cant even think a life without him…i giveup my life if he is not there with me…he is havin a very hard time because his family memers are forcing him to get married with the next girl..but jesus u know that we have a relation since 3years….i dont want to miss him…god please give him the power to talk with his family members to talk about us…and god please give the true soul to all family members to understand about us about our love…please god help us and may our love survive…i beleave i have loose the hope from my boyfriend beacause he couldnt convince his family member so i have only the hope from u jesus…save us,save our love…in the name of jesus,amen

ur homes,nation and worldwide.

Father lord i?ve sin against u dat?s why i got dis,pls 4give me and heal me lord,bring peace and coaliation in our homes,nation and worldwide.

and be with me no matter what

i am bad health problems and i dont know what to think anymore. for t e past days i havent been happy with my life i am feeling to sad ad thiki can die at any moment so please help me get beter and hope nothing is wrong with me and that i get better. also for my friend jenny she has weak lungs and shes also sad..hope that she gets better soon..for my mom and family that i love much ..that they will always be healthy and be with me no matter what

nk u 4 always being there4 me.

Dear LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! I?ve d0ne so many mistakes in my life, im a perz0n wich is very weak. I put my self in d0ing bad relati0nshp wth my samesex, and it takes and teach me on h0w to get a m0ney fr0m my c0mpany wth0ut permisi0n, i reject my family and ch0sen my own hapiness. Oh Lord God please 4gve me and plz let me do all the thngs that make my self a blesing fr0m ur grce. Plz 4gve me and thank u 4 always being there4 me.