ine,sr teresa and all sisters.

please melt sr hazels heart to forgive sr janet and let love and understanding prevail over hatred and jealousy in the community.also grant sr janet good health and peace of mind and encouragement and support from all wspecially sr hazel,sr carmeline,sr teresa and all sisters.

t me to go, because I am lost.

Dear God, Forgive me for not loving the life you?ve given me and for not a faith strong enough to believe things will get better. After all I?ve been through it?s difficult to have hope because I know that as bad as things are, they can still get worse, and I am so afraid of what else could happen. I don?t think I can take much more. If you?re allowing these things to happen to bring me closer to you, please give me eyes to see and ears to hear what you?re trying to tell me, because I don?t get it. I?m so scared and I am so lonely. I miss him, God. I miss our life together and I just don?t understand why, after 31 years together, it had to end, and how he could move on with someone else the way he did. Please, help me to help myself. Lead me where you want me to go, because I am lost.

of our lives. Thy will be done

Please Gof forgive my past and send me a husband so we worship and thank you for the rest of our lives. Thy will be done

t, Amen, I love you Erik Novak

Hi God I was wondering if you could help my struggaling bowling team The pinbreakers to win the bowling leauge every Wensday night, Amen, I love you Erik Novak

reams with. God Bless everyone

God please allow Bill to find in his heart my words of forgiveness. Please allow Bill the ability to accept me as his friend as he doesn?t have anyone to share his hopes and dreams with. God Bless everyone

your blessing. Please help me!

Please dear GOD, I?m so weary and sad. I need someone in my life to take away this loneliness. I feel I need to be a better person and I know this is only possible with your blessing. Please help me!

think.please God do something

god u know everything after some days i lost my love. i pray she always live happy.she is very good girl.i will miss him always.please god do something that i always live with her that we both think.please God do something

Your forgiveness. Amen. David

Dear God My Heavenly Father Praise be Thy Name, We love You Lord and we Thank You for all You have given unto us. God, I am in serious trouble of losing eveything and ask for Thy miraculous help, Thy mercy, Thy forgiveness and Thy aid in dealing with the matter at hand. A matter I created by willful arrangance and not coming to You Lord for wisdom and guidance. I pray this in the Name Of Jesus and in His Name I confess I am a sinner and have offended You my Heavenly Father, with my actions, I am so sorry and beg Your forgiveness. Amen. David

on this. Amen Gog David L. C.

Dear God stand by me as you alway?s have. I put my faith and compleat trust in your hands. If it is to be it will beOnly you know what is best. I greatfuly eccept what you choose for me on this. Amen Gog David L. C.