and soul .and pocket thank you

god bless you all me an my wife alera really have need of prayers. we are just starting out and have alot of need. times are hard . which makes it hard to have faith . but i beleave will muttle throu bye the grace of all i can ask is keep us in your prayers to heal us mind body and soul .and pocket thank you

k in your name, Father…Amen!

Dear Lord, Please deliver me from worry. Put your healing hands on my youngest son and heal him of his slight heart murmur Lord! I need you in my life, Jesus….please stay with me Lord. Forgive me of my wickedness and sinfull heart, Lord. Protect my family and help me get a job, Lord. This week something needs to happen Lord or I dont know how we will do it any further! Please JESUS, guide me Lord…allow me to live to raise my kids and my kids to raise theirs, Lord. Heal my family dear Jesus! Be with us Lord. I give myself to you, Heavenly Father! Tell Jeff sr, I said I love and miss him so much!!! I love you Jesus! In Jesus? name I pray and ask in your name, Father…Amen!

accountablity for their ways.

Please pray for the situration at my work place. The not replacing of people as they leave and putting more work on to those of us that are still there. We are down 4 plus the boss and are expected to pick up the work of three among the 4 of us that r left. I have received the most difficult task and largest load. Pray God gives me the wisdom & knowledge to remember what was shown me in the last couple days before the boss left. That I am able to stay above the overload and that mgment sees we are not able to handle this load. May the rumors not be true that some of us are being pressure to quit. I am the main provider for my famil as my husband had an injury in ?04 and does not work. Pray for his pending neck surgery that wkman comp has finally approved. Pray the lord sends protection while I around the evil at work and opens the eyes of these evil people so they see the light. Our school district has so many problems with upper mgment the superindent?s contract we not renewal due to his evil/dishonest acts however, we are left with his appointees that are continuing his ways. These are non believer?s and are playing such childish, evil games to lower workers that are dependable and trust worthy while dishonest ones are floating by without pressue or accountablity for their ways.

God. In Jesus might name Amen

Please Pray that Elaine and Ric feel the Lords presence around them and in their minds, hearts and souls. That they allow him to take away their fears , pain, letting God lead us back together with open hearts ,full of love for each other renewing their relationship with a bond of love that last for the rest our lives .Their is a women that has place a love spell on him try to get him But she doesn?t relies that Nothing is more powerful than God. In Jesus might name Amen

ur continued favor in my life.

Father God i thank You for hearing me right now. i need You to add Your super on my natural and bless me. thank You for Your continued favor in my life.

Yours brother in Him, Anthony

Dear man of God, My name is Anthony and I m very upset because I gave my blood for test because I thinks might be I got HIV and please pray for me result comes negative and I have little children and I am so sorry for my past and I ask Lord to forgive me and I believe He forgave me I recommit myself for the Lord to serve Him whole heartly and obey His commands. You don?t know about me but one day I will see you in Heaven to say thanks brother for the prayers that time of my trouble and stand with me in that time. Please if you know someone who is interssior please also give my this request to him and to your church as well. May Lord bless you and keep you in good health. Yours brother in Him, Anthony

his I ask in Jesus name, amen.

Lord I thank you all your blessing, the food, clothing, roof over my family, my job to provid for family, my health and everything in between. I ask for your guidence and protect during this trying time with all the evil that is going on at work. Please give me wisdom and knowledge to know what and when to say the correct thing. Also please open the eyes of management and let them see that I am doing my work and doing the best I can that I am not misusing time as others who have been given less work in the downsizing. Please do not let mangement reteliate against m due to the haressment that was brought out last year that the management male bosses where playing. Please hear my cries as I have got to the end of my ropes and I?m reaching out for your guidence. Please let your light shine in me and through me so the non believers can see your glory and open their hearts to you for your way of life. May you use me to spread your word to these people and may I stay calm and have the peace of Jesus in me at all time…let me get through this. I know you have a plan and please let me know worry for your way is the only way and you will bring me through this so that I will persaver. This I ask in Jesus name, amen.

name of Lord Jesus Christ Amen

I would forgiveness in the unthinkable sins I committed in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,2007-I had no idea of the results of these sins and pain it would cause to countless people around the world. I repent daily and remain hopeful that I will be forgiven through the Blessed name of Lord Jesus Christ Amen

of family reconcillition. Amen

We ask the Lord and thank Him for healing for Nick, Julian, Tom, Scotty, Nathan, Shanon, Cindy and for a miracle today on Nathan?s birthday of family reconcillition. Amen


oh God forgive me for watching porn and masterbatin please God forgive me and save m from the fires of hell! PLEASE FORGIVE ME OF MY SINS!