on, peace and love in my life.

God I pray for your forgiveness for my sins. I will take what I have learned from this trying time in my life to help others. Nothing is more fulfilling then helping other people. Help me find direction, peace and love in my life.

I pray to you all the time….

Please God forgive me and my sins …(all of them) and help me forgive myself as well…please let us hear from that psnh job for Kris this week I pray to you all the time….

d one day he shall love again.

I ask that all that read this prayer please pray for my dear friend john. His wife left him and took his child several months ago and he has not been able to see his baby girl since the split. He crys everyday but his hands are tied because he has no custody rights for her. He has raised her since she was 2 not she is 9 and tere is no other father in the picuture. Please pray that God will heal his heart and soul and one day he shall love again.


Jesus please forgive me everything help with all areas of life help me heal the nations i praise the for thy greatness and thy good works toward me and granting me favor and mercy may i do thy will and be humble to remember you do all the things in the right time and may you do those thing;s through me that need be done for your glory may i HAVE YOUR PEACE AND GIVE YOU GLORY AT THE END OF MY LIFE.WHEN I APPEAR BEFORE YOUR THRONE AND MAY YOU SAY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT.

to succed in school this year.

prayer for my health to be restored in every aspect. prayer for my children to do well this year. also prayer for my family to be able to go to church and not work on sundays.prayer for my children to succed in school this year.

ers in Christ ! Be blessed !!!

Please pray for my husband Richard , he is a drugg addict , he jus got arrested and is now facing his 3rd strike 25 years in jail he is only 33 years old , I have lost my whole family to death , him and my children n the lord are all I have , I been believing the lord will change him and restore our family , please pray for Richard that the lord show him favor and he be released on his court date ! I know our testimony will be awesome with all the glory to God ! Plz pray that when he gets released he be a God fearing loving husband and dad ! My husband has had a very bad childhood he was molested by a man that walked around with a bible n he has issues frm that ! Plz pray that the show him his love n mercy threw this time , n thank the lord for what miracle he?s gonna do in my husbands life ! Thank u sisters n brothers in Christ ! Be blessed !!!

d help me and lead me…. Amen

Dear lord, Teach me to love again and to forgive…. May i forgive my parent, my sibling especially my brothers, friend?s who betray me and my enemies… May i find peace with-in myself and learn to be more patience… Forgive me o lord for all my sin… Forgive me for i have hurt and lie million of people especially those who are close to me and to those who love me dearly…. i do not want to be a hypocrite anymore.. i just want be myself and stay firm with my own decision… Lord help me and lead me…. Amen

d knows we do… God bless Kim

Please pray for my husband Kris …we are praying for this job( PSNH) for over a year now…we just pray its going to work out ….its been a hard few years and this has been our closes bet so far he wants this real bad. God knows we do… God bless Kim

to avoid temptations. Please.

Dear God, Please forgive me for my sins. I masturbate and watch porn. Please help me to become pure again. Please give me the strength to avoid temptations. Please.

done for me. I love you. Sara

Dear god I feel completely lost right now. I need to pray to you in hopes you can help me get everything on my life straightened out. God, I?ve been through a lot on my life and it has left me feeling depressed and hopless….god I pray to you holy father that I find an amazing job soon, find an amazing husband who is the man I am meant to be with, and a life where I feel fulfilled and happy. Please guide me god. I need your help. I want success love money and happiness. I also pray that If I am pregnant, the baby is healthy and survives. I will take amaOng care of my little angel. I also pray that tim finds happiness too, so he doesn?t have to battle with his depression anymore. I pray that he falls in love with me and we can make this work. Thank you god for all that you are and all that you?ve done for me. I love you. Sara