nto consideration this prayer.

;*Dear friends of Jesus, I am the mother of Blanca Cabrera a very curious and rebellious teen-aged girl. She has no known history of drug use or mental. She is attending counseling to assist her with behavioral management, also she is a great student but this year due to her disobedience and hormone crisis I made the decision to start the therapy sections. She found a Ouija board at her job and with a friend started to play it. Now everything in her life is a mess, she?s afraid to die ?cause an evil spirit is following her everywhere even in her dreams telling her how to set him free by giving her a secret word or code. I?m so worried for her salvation and safety. She told me she saw him while she was alone in the house and that she prayed but the demon took too long to leave. After she told me that, the same night I started to pray but I had a similar experience. I didn?t see anything but while I was praying fear entered my heart and I heard noises in the kitchen and I ran to my room to take my bible. Even though I was afraid I knew I had to face what ever it was, so I looked for psalm 91 and as soon as I began reading it the noises increased, my heart almost came out of my chest, but I read the psalm louder and kept reading for three hours until my fear vanished.. I also noticed some black charcoal fingerprints in her room door, another set of fingerprints at the living room wall, and the most scariest one by her bed headboard, I took pictures of them but I can?t find an expation for them ?cause I recently painted my house. Moreover, just five days before she played the game I had a dream which I told her to be aware of her decisions and companies, because it never crossed my mind that my dream will be so literal. I dram Blanca had a tattoo of a dry tree on her left breast with three branches that formed three 6?s, I woke up and called her father to advise him and for his support, but we just laughed ?cause Blanca always is in trouble for her poor decisions. So three days later I told Kitta ,as I lovingly call her,so she could be aware too; then three days after I told her she played the Quija board. After I found out, the image of the tree came to my mind. I confronted her and things got really bad it seemed something possessed her. She cursed at me and I smacked her and she punched me back. So I tried to retain her and few minutes into the struggle my husband tried to calm her down and he mentioned God and he says that it was unbelievable what he in her eyes, and with a deep voice she said that ??God does not exist??. Furthermore, I?m so concerned about her mental sanity now, because she is scared all the time now. Finally, brothers and sister in the Lord I need your prayers. I don?t want my daughter?s soul to end up away from God. I have been praying but still need more support because what is following my daughter thinks it has a chance with her. Blanca has denied God in the past and I?m worried because I?m not sure if there is any chance of reconciliation between the two. Please Pray so God forgives her sins and gives her the opportunity of repenting to Him. So she could open her heart to Jesus and He could be her savior. I don?t want my daughter to end up nowhere else but in God?s hands. Please ask Jesus to protect my daughter while she sleeps, while she?s out and/or inside my home. To be her protector so no evil touches my daughter. Thanks in advance for taking into consideration this prayer.

ds Blessing on her life. Amen.

Please pray for Shawn and Melissa. They have been a couple for almost five years. It has been too hard. It has been so hard that Melissa is not sure that this is good for her and her children. She has been hurt in more ways than one. She feels taken for granted and so much more. She wants a second chance at life. She has had a really tough life. She thought getting married would solve everything. Actually it became worse. Please pray God will of Love and guidance be done. Also for Gods Blessing on her life. Amen.

ght each and every day father.

Dear God,i want to thank you for everything youve done for me,for keeping me alive and safe and keeping me alive to see the next day. .i thank you for giving me a wonderful mother whom i love with all my heart!!even though i dont let her know most of the time i know she knows i love her very much. .for giving me a wonderful brother and stepfather who i know love me i love them. .thank u for keeping my mom alive i love her sooooooooo much shes my main priority i cannot imagine my life without her! i ask that u keep us safe from all harm and give us strenght each and every day father.

for me and my family and home.

please me,mummy,pappa,my wife,child ian and jack,brother ,brother wife,uncle,aunt we need helth,peach,protection,faith in you,protection against enemy in earth and black magic,and lot more problem with last 6-8 yrs. with us.nobody with us.forgive our sin.and others who done against us. please send your angel for me and my family and home.

e god forgive me. Please Karin

Dear God….Please forgive me. I have sto money from many people about 7 years ago. I did it to my family but also my best friend. She will not forgive me..I have asked for her forgivness. I loved her my sister and I miss her so much. She always talks bad about me to others. My feeling are hurt. I payed the price. I went to jail. All i am asking is for forgivness. I miss her as a friend. My heart aches I hate myself for doing what i did. All i want is forgiveness. Please help me. I am all alone. I don?t know why i was put here on earth. I feel a loser. I don?t know how much i can take. I try to be a good person. I made a few mistakes. I am asking for forgiveness. Please god forgive me. Please Karin

ank You, William God Bless You

Dear father in heaven i would to ask for prayer that my wifes health issues bring us back together as husband and wife and we will forgive each other of the past. Thank You, William God Bless You

se…stop the abuser…hasten.

Dear Yahweh,my husband has been abusing my sons and me for over 13 years. Please provide a safe,secure,and permanent way out for my sons and me. Stop the abuse…stop the abuser…hasten.

ank you in Jesus? name, amen d

dear God, i need a miracle. i need to find a willing, wise, competent and caring criminal attorney who is willing to help me pro bono and get me out of the situation i am in. i have done nothing wrong but the da is trying to hang me. please help me… thank you in Jesus? name, amen d

and i thank in Jesus name amen

I?m sending this letter straight to heaven,Dear Lord please im asking a favor that my son Ivan finds a job father God and i thank in Jesus name amen

finances to do these repairs.

I have a truck, & I need to do some repairs on it. I need about $600.00, I do not have any savings, or extra income to fix. At this momemnt I live on pay check to paycheck. I was going to do an application for a loan with Texas Tech Federal Credit Union. Some how some way I need the finances to do these repairs.