regnancy and delivery. Please.

I am requesting prayers for my husband and for me. We have been married for five years and have not yet been blessed with a baby. We underwent some fertility treatment, including an IVF, which didn?t succeed. I have polycystic ovaries with irrgular periods, while my husband has mild puss cells in his semen which again results in primary infertility because of which his sperms have a smaller life. He also has mild high blood pressure. We are otherwise normal. Both of us have short-sight and wear spectacles. Please pray for us to help us conceive a normal, healthy, happy, prosperous, long living, straight, karmic child through a normal and healthy pregnancy and delivery. Please.

h love in christ leisa collins

please hear my prayer god please heal me from my bppv vertigo and sickness thanks so much for hearing my cry for prayer I love you very much and have faith that you have already healed me just please know I am seeking a pray from u and please pray for all my love ones my husband (stan) and Michael my son please pray for us thanks so much love in christ leisa collins

e a very succesful young women

Dear lord ; idid something ithought was rite because it felt good aht the moment but please forgive me …. Ilove u ihope ur not 2 upset I?m going 2 punish my self ! Please give me the strength 2 be a very succesful young women

the prayer to the holy shroud

i beg for forgivness for all my past family as well as for us today and for all my present family, Our father who art in Heaven, hallo wed be thy name thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive them who have tresspassed against us, lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil amen and the prayer to the holy shroud

eaking point. Please help her.

I have an online friend who seems to be under demonic attack. When she began to tell me what was going on, I thought there were other possibilities. I am now convinced enough to ask for prayer on her behalf. She has horrible dreams and wakes up with scratches and burns on her body. I have heard her being hit by something repeatedly as she gasps in pain. I have heard her bedroom door slam on it?s own. I finally convinced her to talk to a parapsychologist or priest. She did so, but there has been a delay in finding a priest qualified to perform an exorcism. One night not long ago I got messages from it saying ??join us?? and sexually suggestive messages, which is completely un her. Later that same night it actually spoke to me over her mic. It was her voice, but it wasn?t. The tone and language were completely un her. I am not particularly religious, but I do own a Bible. I began reading the Lord?s Prayer to it and it seemed to have some effect. At times she would ??come back?? and be able to speak for awhile, then it would return, hurt her, and mock me. I felt a tingling sensation spread from my hands, which held the Bible, up my arms, across my shoulders, upper back, and neck. At times an amazing calm swept over me and I was able to actually laugh at it and call it a liar and a coward and a parasite. It seemed confused by this and asked me who I was and why I had such influence over her. When I asked it?s name it said it was ??the one?? but later admitted that wasn?t so. It has threatened to come here and torment me as well but I don?t feel any threat here. I am sending this prayer request to several online prayer request sites in the hope that she will be helped. I don?t know if I have opened myself up to something similar by talking to it but any prayers for me would be appreciated also. Her name is Victoria and she?s in Pennsylvania. My name is Frank and I?m in Texas. I feel that I was helped by God that night and I am very thankful for that, but she continues to be tormented and I am very afraid she is nearing her breaking point. Please help her.

special…..and you know that.

I wanted to love.I dont know how much genuine I was.But thts what I thought I should do…I wish I could. I wish there were no complexes, anxieties, fears within me. Their presence made me only look at her shortcomings instead of accepting her the way she was, accepting whatever she gave.I could not return anything,I have only returned pain and suffering.She is the person who loves me more than I love myself.She has resolved herself to hate me, and I know that she will succeed because she loved me with the purest of hearts.I am a duffer,looser…I dont know how much pain I have inflicted upon her because I never loved her, just pretended to love her. Went a long way in wrong doing expecting I shall someday do it right.But I couldnt.My identity has ben tarnished.Whatever I do I feel a sense of incomplteness…but still I think I am made for her….and somday I can remove all my burdens of fear, sorrow, anxiety, expectations….walk upto her and tell her ??I love you Ti, for whatever you have been to me,not for what I expected out of you, do you want to give me a third chance and see what happens??. I must not feel retarded by my expectations and even if she is not in a position to come back I musnt feel demoralized, but savour the concept that I at least could feel what she has given me, and I had that feeling within me to reallign our lives. I ask forgiveness for whatever I did, and blessings for what I want to do and make that day arrive as quickly as possible.Till then I request you to look after her…and guide her to do the right things with the right people.This is because she is special…..and you know that.

untied with my brother and son

That I would have my rent this and every week for a place to live,repairs needed on my truck so I can work and be availble to my family,to have the means to pay off all debt and be stress free,to have a place where my grandchildren can run free,to be loved and accepted,to be forgiven and reuntied with my brother and son

still lacking in that respect

Please God help me. I have a serious problem. I cannot seem to stop judging people. I pray everyday and read scriptures but I am still lacking in that respect

he need of it i love you~Haley

God i do not know if your out there but forgive God! i love you with my whole heart my sorry for my addiction please help me and clean my soul i plan to stop soon but i cant today please forgive me god.when we die please see us as we are and not of who we were i didnt know Lord im sorry Thank-you for keeping m and my family,friends,and stranges safe please help anyone in the need of it i love you~Haley