t im telling the truth to her.

I do care what I did to her. I love her with all my heart and im so sorry that I hurt her. If only she would forgive me, I would prove to her that I have changed. When I saw the hurt I?ve caused to her, I was so devastated. I realized what a stupid jerk I had been. I love her so much more than anything in the world and the thought of losing her makes my heart literally hurt in my chest. Please help me God! Tell me what to do. I dont think I want to go on in this world if I lose her. Please God, please im so sorry. I?m so hurting at the thought of losing her. i don?t want that to happen. I cried half the night and I have not eaten since. I will not eat anymore because im fat. Im sorry for what ive caused. When I looked at her crying. My heart literally wanted to explode from the pain i caused her and I?ve tried to beg her to forgive me. Please, Please God, convince her that im telling the truth to her.

an pass with Gods help. Thanks

Please pray for me that I will pass my driving test on Wednesday . This is my third time and I Need to pass it so I will have a way to the grocery store. I have practiced and know I can pass with Gods help. Thanks

my prayer please lord please..

lord im sorry if i have commit sinned on you,,im really sorry god,i love you and i promise to myself not to do it anymore,lord i am sking for you please to give me good man for me,please i dont want to play anymore i want someone to respect and accept who am i..lord please hear my prayer please lord please..

people know why they?er here.

Dear God I hope this letter finds you in good spirits. I know I could have wrote u sooner but I?ve been away. Please understand i?m not my self anymore. I ask that u watch over my children guide them on the rite path please. Also please help me get a job where i can pay off my bills please. I dont mean to complain but I feel soo alone here on earth, but I know u love me enough to keep me here. I dont think these people know why they?er here.

tonight in jesus to thank you

HI GOD PLEASE FORGIVE ME WHAT I did to my SIster TRACY MAE JAMISON I AM SORRY I WENT TO LIVE FOR A VERY LONG TIME well you PLEASE WRITE MY NAme in the book of life please let me see heaven in my dreams I LOVE MY SISTER TRACY I AM SORRY pease give me a jacket clothes shoes pants in mony in a new cell phone my home adress is 4304 granite court city ca i want you to come in my room tonight in jesus to thank you

r time. Your servant Cassandra

Dear God, I am longing tohear from you. I pray and ask you for your blessings and guidance in my life and you have been quite so far. I think I have dreams from you that gives me hope but they may be from me. If I am not in your will please let me know what to do. I have no one but you. I can turn to no one but you. I will not chose no one but you. I need you to chose me, please. Please help me. Please forgive me of all my sins. Please make me strong in your love and truth. Please bring down my those who are against me. Please make me the person you saved me from death to be. Please consider my prayers and send your blessing accordingly. Please bless Jennifer and send her your love and blessings according to your will. Please chose me. Please see, hear, and answer me. Please let your love shine down on me and my family. Bless us all and keep your love and protection around us all. Please let the harm others try to put on us be reflected back onto them. Please be present in my life always and forevermore. In Jesus name I pray, Aman. Thank you for your time. Your servant Cassandra

y cry…………..forgive me.

U were my rock,u were my everything,u gave me all i ever asked of u,yet i have betrayed u,i have wronged,offended u,iv gone astray…………………………..iv pleaded for your mercies and forgiveness yet u seem far away…………….u seem not interested in me;uv let me realise what iv done,uv made me realise u r d only true friend anyone can have………. What was i thinking???i was carried away,even when i knew it was wrong,i continued just 2 please others,even when it felt rape,i was in bondage. Havent u punished me enough??? Y r u distant from me?? I know i made a vow in ur presence,i was tempted,carried away by what i thought was pleasure but now i am suffering your wrath,even peter has turned against me,i know he is his own but u have made my punishment so grave. These past 3years that i turned away from u,im being used,abused,humiliated,betrayed,blackmailed,i knew u should be my only friend,i took it for granted,turned to a wordly friend who has betrayed me and caused hatred for me from every angle. I know i deserve all these for going against ur wish and will but sweet Jesus,havent i suffered enough,when and how long will u pnish me? For how long will u hide ur mercies from me????? Forgive me,forgive me sweet Lord,forgive me…………..i confess going against my vows but ever since i did,iv known only ill health,heratache,pain and sorrow,i know i have 2 face ur wrath someday but uv being harsh on me,u seem far away and deaf 2 my prayers. Forgive me Lord,forgive me,forgive me…………………………….teach me to not seek revenge,teach me to be blind and deaf 2 d world,teach me to know ur d only best friend anyone can ask for,ur d only true friend there is……………………have mercy………….im sorry……………forgive me,listen 2 my cry…………..forgive me.

ievers and non-believers. Amen

Lord God, I come to you humbly asking that you forgive me of my sins, entrust in me a clean filtered heart and mind. A mind and heart that is pleasing to you, one that will be glorified while on earth, one that will resemble the heart and mind of Jesus Christ. I honestly, believe in you and I am asking and believing that you will allow me to enter into law school for the Fall of 2010. Lord God I know I cannot do this alone, and I ask that you will be my protector and provider. You will open doors that are normally shut based on certain circumstances, and once I enter I will be the blessing to all the believers and non-believers. Amen

please and thank you and amen

God I may be not magic but I need you to put a bottle of magic flying dust so I need you to please do that for me and when I wake up in the morning I need to have nice powers in my hand and fingers please and thank you and amen