Adonai beloved though your Son my prayer reach you

Adonai beloved though your Son my prayer reach you, we ask forgiveness for our sins and those around us, Please my Lord, in your will, bless us all and our businesses with pitude and success , and relatives, give us abundance of wisdom, good health, joy, love, strength, grace, fraternity. Increase our faith without suffering. Elohim, I beg for the restore of my marriage, my family, my home, make my wife Johenny love me, and make her fell in love with me again, change our hearts for good, fill it with good feelings and respect, don´t let her divorce me or separate our family.

Dear God

I need Your help to solve my problems and to please heal me.
Please God, forgive my sins.

Thank you god

Thank you for giving me my life Thank you for giving me hope and dreams A loving home and family Thank you for allowing me to love

God forgives you!

God love you with an everlasting love. You are a treasured possession of our Lord!!!

ca sloga i zdravlja prati amin

E boze moj. Oce Ove zemlje i ovoga naroda, citam molitve od moje brace i sestra i jedino sto imam da Kazem je. IZVINI BOZE! IZVINI sto su moja braca i sestra zaboravili sta je stvarno vazno u ovom zivotu krvi smo za sve ! Mi smo samo sen unisteli dok si t8 gledao. Ali da te pitam boze ? Ko je kriv mi ovce koje trebaju da prate pastira (boga) Ili pastir (bog) koji nas napustijo? Da unistavamo nasu planetu. BOZE zelim to sve najlepse u tom vecnom zivotu neka te uvek sreca sloga i zdravlja prati amin


To My Very Dear LORD (Jesus), I Want My Life to Start getting More Happier with Myself, by More Income Coming In Again, so I Can Afford to get the Nice Things I Need and Want ??Like Nice Furniture and Whatever Else?? and Stay Closer to My Very Dear LORD ??Also?? by being SAVED. ??I LOVE YOU?? and GOD BLESS!! From: His Precious Child MARINA ANN MURPHY

Thank you God

Thank you God, for blessing me with such a wonderful family. Two incredible children and a husband who is so loving and supportive. Thank you for the happiness that you brought into our home, and may it continue this way forever.

Thank you

Thank you for making me happy Thank you to all the people who make me smile. Thank you to all the people who make me laugh. Thank you for all the wonderful flavors that I sense. For the love that I feel. For the trips that I take. And for every day that I awaken in the light of the hot sun. Thank you world. Sometimes I really feel wonderful

rcy on meeee and others a.Amen

Dear Lord happy birthday. Mine was on 26th. You have always answered my prayers and I too have sinned. Forgive me dear Lord.I pray to you my creator for help on 30th December in my need for fortune gain all for others. Oh dear Lord this favour and gain will achieve in me completely to do all my needs in your name.kind Lord have mercy on meeee and others a.Amen