m I will never forgive myself.

God, I?m sorry. He was suffering no kitty should have. Please tell him how much I love him. Tell him I?m sorry. Tell him I will never forgive myself.

t live without u.. lv u god ji

hey dear god ji.. plz forgive me.. i really love you so much,aapko jo bhi sahi lage bas wahi mere saath hamiehsa karna, plz mere saath rehna hameisha, mujhe ek achha insaan banna hia.. mujhse kabhi bhi naraaz mat hona,i can?t live without u.. lv u god ji

nd no MOney Please hear my CRY

Father, I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. I know I have broken your laws and not listen to you. and did thanks am not proud of in my life. I keep lying and ask you to forgive me and delivery me from this. Father you no am poor and don?t have the money for your church offers and holy days, I don?t have clothes, I want to please you. Forgive me for smoking, and leaving my family, and leaving my husband and kids and divorce them. please have mercy on me and forgive me and give me your spirit. Bless me financial and with a new car. Please Delivery me from being POOR and no MOney Please hear my CRY

er my prayers. Thank You. Amen

Dear God, I Pray that you know that i understand what i do sometimes is wrong, but its really not me, Im only 15 and i been though alot, i ask you to forgive. I want to be in heaven with you and my joe, who i miss so much. i sin, and i know its wrong, i want to start my life all over again. God, I want you to be here for me and my time of need and be there for my family and friends, i know a few people that need you more than ever, just please help them. Watch over grandmother please. I cant lose her, she is my life, and one of the people i care about the most. God, please answer my prayers. Thank You. Amen

l these in Jesus?s name, Amen.

Dear Lord, I pray that You will forgive me for what I have done, Lord, please give me one more chance. I don?t want my family and my boyfriend to worry about me anymore. Lord, I promise I will turn over a new leaf. Lord, please help me. I know what I have done is wrong, I will not make the same mistake again. Please give me this chance. Please give me the strength to be save more money and work hard, so that my mum and dad can have a good life. I want to see the happiness on their faces too. Lord, it has been a long time, since I saw them not worrying about me. I don?t want to see my mum sad again because of me. I shouldn;t have lied. Lord, I am sorry. Thank you, Lord Jesus. I pray all these in Jesus?s name, Amen.

to you son Jesus Christ -Amen

Dear God , I praise & thank you Lord with all the blessing that you are giving me & my Family.. I ask for your guidance & support for i feel weak & weary.. Lord.. give me wisdom and the patience to do what is right & to believe that ??ITS YOU WILL WHO?ll BE DONE & NOT OUR?? Dont ever leave me … bcause in You & only in You shall we find true happiness.. I ask this to your Holy Name God our father & to you son Jesus Christ -Amen

acle in Jesus name…Amen!!!??

Prayer Request: Please pray for Eric McDonald What is the worth of a soul? Great! in the eyes of God… Pray God will bless and heal Eric?s soul…Pray that the love of God will become real to Eric. Pray God will give Eric the grace to know that he is loved and that he is a child of God. Pray Eric will walk in the path ways of salvation, peace, and blessings. Please pray Eric will know the assurance that If God be for Eric who can be against him… ??Abba Father, make Eric?s life a miracle in Jesus name…Amen!!!??

gain. Please take me in again!

I pray that I haven?t blashemed the holy spirit. I pray for forgivness that I turned away from you lord. I pray that I will feel close to you at church tomorrow and that I will see no more horrible signs that I?m lost. I can?t take it no more, please guide me, and show me that I?m on the right path again. Please take me in again!

ow way lord i need u right now

god i really need u i know i made mistakes but lord right now i really need a shoulder please change me let me follow ur steps that u made for me without u there is now way lord i need u right now