ons.In Jesus name I pray,amen.

Lord,please forgive me for not being a good father to my son,and please forgive me for the stealing I have done during my addictions.In Jesus name I pray,amen.

this evil. in JESUS name amen

lord forgive em i have sin, i almost had sex with my cousin,please forgive me for this, and please let everyone else forgive me , i also jacked off on my step mom dras, i know everybody know, but i neEd to ask you for forgiveness, for all of my sins, please ward me off all this evil. in JESUS name amen

and my children in this life.

Dear God, please help me to honor you and to serve you and to always know you are there. I want to trust all my problems to you, my children, my thoughts that I work on always. I wish to be closer to you lord, please forgive me for my sins and lead me to the path of your will. I ask you to show me how to help my children see your love and wisdom and to believe and have trust in you. I ask you this in Jesus name oh Lord. Thank you for all you have given me and my children in this life.

ider nous a retrouver la paix.

Mon Dieu, eloigner les mauvais esprits de nous, les gens haineux, envieux, malsains, proteger nous des malfaisants. aider nous a retrouver la paix.

phillipines 15 yrs old AMEN…

lord im verry sorry because i take drugs… please forgive i will not do it again i promise to you i will my change my life ….. PLEAS GOD……please.please…. loving mark vincent from phillipines 15 yrs old AMEN…

he name of Jesus I pray. Amen!

God, I have tried so many times to separate myself from this sin but I feel so defeated. Please forgive me of my sins and help me to be a better Christian. God, I have so many dreams for my life but sometimes I just feel because of what I?ve gone through, my dreams will never come true. God, for as long as I can remember, everything in my life has been a tribulation. God, I ask in the mighty name of Jesus that you forgive me of my sins and help me live the right way. God, when this life is over, I don?t want to go to hell. I want to live in eternity with you. Please God, help me to stop excusing my sin based on things in my past. Help me to take responsibility for my faith and live the Christ filled life that I am supposed to live as a child of God. Please God, forgive me of my sins and clean me. Please make me whole and please hold back your anger and wrath. I love you God. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen!

ise that will never be broken.

lord, I want to thank you for being always there for my family. I really want to tell you that I love you, and for the past 16 years of my life, you?ve always been my strength. Please guide, love and always protect my daddy, mommy and roy.I have a feeling that my time is near. I always see in my thoughts and dreams my own coffine with my engrave name and only few people is visiting it.Though I?m sensing that, I still want to dream to pass my entrance exam in UP diliman, UST,St.Benilde & adamson. I know I?ve been very bad daughter and my grades are up and dwon, I still hope that you still love me. I?m very sorry for always making promise w/c some failed in the process. I?m so weak inside and you know that. I am very blessed that you let me be bore in this world. Thank you for everything. At the very least, please guide my family, in place of me. I offer you my time before, and that one is my precious promise that will never be broken.

e so that I can repay the debt

lord almighty heavenly father please help me in order to fullfil my wishes and my dreams to be come true. I seek for your guidance, for a healthy environment, and needs inorder myself and my family to live. forgive me as I sin. guide my family with your mighty armor and protect them in illness. I want to win in a lottery so I can help others, amen. I have a large debt which i am failing to pay back. Please pray for me so that I can repay the debt

much or even more than I did.

Over the past three years I?ve learned how to hate, torcher, used but not how to love. And now that I know how to it scares me. I don?t want to lose this feelings. And I definity don?t want to lose him because of my lack of judge meant. Don?t let him leave. Please, promise that if he does he?ll feel a person that loves him as much or even more than I did.

n ever. Please help me Father!

Lord, please forgive me for not attending church in almost 6 months. I have been feeling so lost and depressed and lonely and need to feel you near to me. I have been disillusioned with life due to an abusive childhood and resultant terribly abusive relationships because of this. Sometimes I don?t understand why I go through this time after time after time, it doesn?t make sense. How is this pattern glorifying you? I try and try to break out of it with prayer, therapy, medicine, friends, and You are my only hope now. I feel that I have no control over this, as it is so deeply ingrained in me since I was tiny…Please forgive me for not attending. There are mornings that turn into afternoons because I cannot bring myself out of bed because of this depression. I need your friendship and healing in my life now more than ever. Please help me Father!