h; I will never be with you.??

Dear Lord: I have lost my lifelong struggle to seek truth and meaning. There are several contributing factors, and I feel that if I type some of them out you might d me your wisdom through some of the text. Factor 1: Depression. I now realize that my level of faith and desire to be a good person wax and wane depending on what stage my depression cycle is in. So it doesn?t alarm me that, even though I have prayed and begged, promised and given everything I still feel that either I am not reaching out to you properly or you are not reaching back. Also the lack of self esteem that my depression contributes to–and cowardess also does–leads me to wonder if I am just one of the people you have chosen to make an example out of. I sometimes picture myself as Pharaoh, and you telling Moses that I will not concede, as you have turned my heart to bitterness in order to use me for your purposes. I seem unable to access and goodness. Once I made a leap of faith, and that was powerful enough. I tried to gather up that faith again but feel short. Now I feel I have turned towards the one thing I was afraid of, and now that I have nothing more to be afraid of in matters of religion, my Jihad is over, but instead of winning I feel I just gave up. Time and again I have tried to hold on to one shred of withering faith holding onto a rope with a grip that?s almost gone so I can get a better grip and pull myself up again. Part of me thinks that the reason I have no faith is because I see myself, and not Christ, as the stabilizing force. But I have made repetitive surrenders and felt nothing in response. I sometimes tell myself that I have felt no response because my will power isn?t strong enough and I?m not ready to face the truth of what You require of me. But I don?t think that?s true, as I have prepared myself even to give up any and every vice if that?s what you require of me and live in poverty, a life of charity, if that is what you want me to do. But it seems that you don?t want me to do anything Lord. And I?m tired of fighting myself, telling myself you love me and have a purpose for me, even that you can forgive me for some of the horrible things I?ve done. I have already let go and let God but God apparently doesn?t want to do whatever I?m letting You do. I really want you to use me for some good purpose. I see good, kind people helping others and I want to find that job where I can be of any use to anyone, or just have the personality to comfort and heal people. I do what I can but I?m very weird and most people find that off putting so it?s never going to be enough. And now I end this letter with a quote from a pop song that perfectly describes how I feel: ??It?s time to face the truth; I will never be with you.??

r to my efforts in Jesus name.

God miraculously remove these Mafia ties and foes out of Kevins life ASAP. Remove Alan B. and Kathy D. God miraculously provide a project that will deliver Kevin from those situations and ties to make him financially sound, safe and independently freed from those evil people in Jesus name. I claim the victory for Kevin that when he return in 3 week that he will bear great news of deliverance from them. Prayer that God will allow Joyce?s name to be draw/selected from the hgtv or pch box so that she can escape hopeless finanical ruin, from debt to no ability to get a job and no place to turn etc. Prayer that I will be bless with funds to start a small business to take care of myself and to be a blessing to Kev and the kids. Prayers that I will be able to bless all my struggling relatives to help them survive better and to be able to send funds to missionaries and a few pastors on tbn. I believe in the words that say were 2 or more agree it?s done and ask and ye shall receive. God I Pray for Emmits that you will block him and Mary?s prayers of envy, jealousy and mean motives from trying to keep me and us down that your will not give honor to answering. Prayers that God also will defeat Cee Stargate whom has used witchcraft against me in trying to help her in her terminal cancer. God put her on her back for the time she has left that she will not be able to utter another word or etc to cause anymore harm or to use demons or spirits. Prayer that you will short out her time and bring her to repentance and gracefully let go of this life and be made to leave me,kev and all my loved ones alone. God please undo all the incantations or damages that she has done. I ask for your blessings and to reverse all that my foes have done against me to work it to my advantages and your riches and glory and mercy and victories in Jesus name. Remove E. Jude permanently out of my life also. I ask for extreme financial break through and miracle that all my effects will be blessed and God will give honor to my efforts in Jesus name.

ransmission battery etc Thanks

I need prayers for my house refi to go through, Please help me Lord make this work so my house does not adjust up alot this month. I am also trying to get my credit score up I am working with a guy please help this gentleman help me. Please let my business start flurishing so my financial needs can be helped Please pray for me I am beside myself sleep is something I do not know much of lately so please pray for me Thanks for all the past blessings and all to come Also mydauhgter needs prayers she is trying to figure out to take take her old boyfriend back, Also her car has not been staying fixed transmission battery etc Thanks

AMEN AMEN thank you FatherAMEN

Dear Jesus, thank you for being in my life. Lord I thank you for saving me.As you know I pray to be friends and get along with Steve and to hear from him. Lord I never leave the house,I am alone in my thirties and take pills so I sleep all the time and the pain in my heart goes away. I cry and cry to you and I know I am my own problem, I long for loving human touch, a hug,a good friend who is on my side and cares for me, I never realized till you brought Steve into my life for this short time,two months,and that I hadn?t been being strong by not dating or talking to anyone,i had been hiding from fear, fear of being used and hurt and I confess and ask you forgiveness for how I thought I knew it all,for fighting with everyone,pride,self rightous,seeking approval,trying to prove myself with words while I did nothing,never saying thank you to you, please forgive me Father,I am asking to surrender to you and to make myself humble before you and i am asking for your help in this life as I do not feel I belong here at all,I fit in with no one,Father Jesus please bless Steve and may the Holy Spirit use our relationship for your glory,you know I long to hear from him and loved the way he talked to me,forgive me Father and may he forgive me for the way I handled things and the mean things I said that I did not mean,I confess I feel a loser Lord, you say in the bible a person without love has nothing in Corinthians, I feel that person, I have no life and no interest in anything,I haven?t showered or cleaned my room and I am a mess,may I know you,May I do your will, may I be able to decipher your voice always,May I know your will, may the Holy Spirit touch my heart and Steves and let us heal and grow together,may I be still and know that you are God,if I am disappointing you,forgive me Father,I feel everyone lives life and I hide from it and I give this over to you,Lord thy will be done, in JEsus Holy Name I lift this prayer up to the heavens,Jesus please intercede as you are seated at the right hand of the Father,HOly Spirit the Lord has sent you as the helper,I accept your help and invite you into every aspect of me,my being,my spirit,my heart,my mind, my thoughts,my visions,my sould,my relationships,my finances,my ability to love,friendships,everything even those things I am unaware of,my relationship with my parents and brother,my relationship with myself,Dearest Jesus may i know you are God and be still, thy will be done,I pray this in Jesus HOly Name AMEN AMEN AMEN thank you FatherAMEN

ou Lord for all your blessings

Please pray for MAtt a 43 yr old fire capt. who has a rare and life threatening brain infection and is in a coma; for Isaiah a 15 yr old with leukemia, poor prognosis; Isaiah?s grandma and unclw who also have cancer; Timmarree a 7yr old girl with eye and brain cancer who has had 2 strokes Thank you Lord for all your blessings

he devil has sto from me. AMEN

Right now i feel helpless, depressed and angry. I have looked for a job for along time and i have failed to get one. And the devil has used this opportunity to steal my peace away from me. Please pray for me to have faith and hope that in Jesus? name i will get a job soon and to claim my peace that the devil has sto from me. AMEN

uch. Thank you for everything.

Dear God, Please help my grandmother recover from her illness. Please don?t let her infection or cancer come back. Please give me and my family the emotional strength to be able to support her through this difficult time. We love her so much and pray that you will help her get better. Thank you so much. Thank you for everything.

rs urgently. Sincerely, Junito

I ask with all my heart please keep me in your prayers unto God because my heart is hurting and heavy with sadness, despair and a feeling of desolation. Pray for me I humbly beg that God reaches into my life and reunites me and the woman that I love, Debra Ann, my girlfriend/fiancee, and that our relationship and love for each other is restored and strengthened and that she and I both draw closer to one another and that the fire in our hearts is re-ignited brightly where before we permitted worldly lures, temptations and distractions to bring our eyes from off of loving each other and bringing our relationship fully to marriage and a relationship that bestows honor unto God and the blessing that we are to one another, I ask that you pray for me asking that if He will that God speaks to Debra Ann?s heart, that He whispers to her and lets her feel and know deep inside of herself, inside of her heart how much I truly love her, how much that I miss her all the way deep into the deepest recesses of my being and my soul, how much I feel my heart is dying, how much pain there is and how I hurt all of the color has drained from my life and the fire-light of my heart is dimming out from the seconds, from the days, from the life that I have tried to live absent of Debra Ann and being with her and bringing us into being spouses to one another. I need your prayers urgently. Sincerely, Junito