his mercy, grace & blessings.

oh Jesus i come before you a sinner, I have made so many many mistakes in my life. i don?t know where to begin….pls help me to be brave, to have the courage to stand strong. To face my trials with courage. Pls pray for me to bring up my 2 little girls according to your will, being a single mother is difficult but with Jesus in my life anything is possible……pls pray that i am able to get out of my financial debt….I ask God for his mercy, grace & blessings.

a townhouse in mission hills.

dear god tonight between 8 p.m. and 5 as.m. me and deena godbole would to go to the neighborhood i planned out. drinks will be served eevry so often. i live at 72 locust rd in the woodley estates and deena lives in northbrook in a townhouse in mission hills.

y papa will stop smokeing aman

dear heavenly father,please help those who dont have homes or anyhting else and i pray that you will let me go to heaven with you cause i really dont want to go down thereand i pray that aunt jenn will start to go out side more and not stay in her house all day and i pray thatbryce will be able to spend the night and i pray that all the sick people that could die so ipray that all the homeless,pore,sick people get better soon and i pray that are family will spend more timr together and i pray that my granny will get better and i pray that my daddy will stop doing drugs and i pray that my papa will stop smokeing aman

for God is followed by action.

its interesting how most of these letters are asking God for things. A relationship is two way. How can people ask God to be in their life if they only want themselves in there life? A love for God is followed by action.

be FIRST in my life dear LORD.

Dear Lord God, Please,please help me to get out of debt,i been in debt for too long now and it has stress me a lot,please LORD help me get out of debt so i can be debt free again, and please get me out of financial hardships, Lord,please heal my body form head to toe, Lord remember my unsaved love ones for salvation through your Son Jesus Christ. Lord God,please help me find an affordable apartment to live in a safe neighborhood,i need your divine protection upon me daily from any harm,hurt,and danger around,use your mighty angels to keep me from harm as well as my family too,and my sweet love Genevive and her family too.Lord God,please give me wisdom,understanding,knowledge of your WORD more and more,and LORD,i really want to have a closer walk with you daily, please Lord be with me at all times.Lord i would love to be married with my sweet love name genevive cain,please LORD Bless our relationship that will bring us in to marriage and be the center of our lives dear Lord,I really need you more,and more,and i want you always be FIRST in my life dear LORD.

ng that. God please forgive me

I atacked my older brother and i may have hurt him badly, i don?t know what to do and i Alex hates my guts. I guess he should after i did something to him that please forgive me and i promise not to do it again Alex i love you and it care so much about you that i would never do something that. God please forgive me

my king and lover. I love you

Please God, the business I work in needs 3,000.00 by 3pm today. Help my boss have her money released from 401k immediately. This boutique also ministers to people about your love and forgiveness daily. The goal for this busines is start a missionary work site where you tell us to start it. All power, praise, and glory to you my king and lover. I love you

Jesus, Yeshua the Christ Amen

Blessed are You Lord God almighty, God of Abraham, Isacc, and Jacob. Lord God who spread the red sea and saved Your people Israel from the bondage of egypt and plaged egypt with 10 curces. I pray to you Lord Jahova for peace in Israel, and saftey for the true people of Israel. Blessed are You Lord Jahova, and Your mighty servant Abraham and the people of Israel. I thank you Lord, and I love thy holy name. I will meditate on thy glory, mighty name, and deeds!!! I praise thy holy name, thank You for Thou are my Peace. I pray in the name of Jesus, Yeshua the Christ Amen