h. God lift this burden. Amen.

Dear God – I am declaring freedom from negative thoughts and emotion toward sister-on-law and father. I had a run in with her. She is unkind and passive aggressive toward. I know it triggers me. I grew up with a yelled so did she. I say stop yelling g she tells me to deal with it-nope. I do deal with it by coping skills and knowing how to express myself and not using past as excuse as she does. I want peace in my heart. I do not want to be consumed and do not need too. God grant me wisdom and guidance and love. God send healing to both. God lift this burden. Amen.

i will always believe in you .

i will always love you Jehovah from your special Chloe Jessica Alice copping no matter what . hopefully i will live in paradise one day when your ready to do it . i will always believe in you .

ngton heights your friend andy

dear jesus help the pope francis too come and sing with andy cason god special friends at saint peter Lutheran church in Arlington heights your friend andy

this. Step know. Love ? g man

I?m tired of my bad habbit.its not getting me no were I?m just losing my family cause of my habit I don?t know were to turn but I hope by me being open with the world and god might change my way of living I hope it does cause I don?t want to lose what I have already Lost a couple of jobs for this dam addiction so please lord help me help myself I want to take this. Step know. Love ? g man

ut god pls help me. Help me :(

dear God, please Pleaseee i?m begging you to help me in my problems. I want to end this feelings with him. I realy don?t know what to do. I??m so tired my lord. Please help me. Ple?se God help me. I promise to you i will be a good girl forever. But god pls help me. Help me 🙁

please help me…… amen…..

Dear God…. i hope you receive thise letter….. its hard down her for us right now. Please help us. There are so many people hungry…. it?s. Really hard ro look at what im loosing, compared to what people have never had….. i put all my trust in you. I really do realize that all things material mean nothing. It?s. Just really hard when it comes to losing your house, and it seems no matter what you do it won?t help…… i don?t know what else to do……… please help me. I just pray that you can help me in some way….. my family is my life. I try to do right by them…… please help me…… amen…..

and right now.Gimme the power.

God please aswer my prayer.Help me out i already ask your so many and i did get nothing.Help me today and right now.Gimme the power.

g. Please hear me and help me.

Dear God, You are the creator and I do believe you can open the doors for me to reach my goal. My company and myself needs $2000000 in order to lift up and move forward. A lot have been done and I a sure that just one small step or just one idea, success will be part of my life. I need a concrete result now, in order to honor my professional and private responsibilities.I love be an entrepreneur and I love what I am doing but I must have money, precisely $2000000 to keep going. Please hear me and help me.

d will listen to it tonight…

Can a God be for each and each one of us? Can a God be everywhere, will all of US, with every breath we take, with every action we do, with every step we walk and every thought that passes our mind, can one and only one God be with us? Each one of us? I?m wildly critical, I?m wildly hopeful, I?m wildly childish, and all My life I?ve been looking for answers. Reading dreams, fears and prayers of all people around the world, leave me with one question: If we all are the same, if we all desire the same peace, how can we have not found a way to be in peace in our existence and coherence in our life. Why we all struggle? Why we never meet those who found the eternal peace and happiness in their life. For every day and for every moment in their life. All I remember I needed to go forward to be in deeper more stable peace foundation, the ground that wouldn?t shake me no matter what will happens. We are all human yet we hurt each other the most. All men I met in my life hurt my little girl heart every time I wish to nurture them. No matter how kind, how reserved or patient I?ve been. I lost one man, the one and only that saw me his angle from the first moment we met, and the last time he looked at me, I knew I never will see that pure soul of him and that is it…He is gone for ever and I am lost in this world, in this world that I fear I will never be loved the way he teached me I deserve, the way every woman need to be loved. The biggest fear of my life is to never have love again, the compassionate full of selfishness and truly real love. The human love and there goes my hopelessness. I need to pray tonight, because I feel week, I have by time healed my broken heart that I knew my God wished me to do, and I am ready for what he have planed for me. But even God shows me all the signs and always give me what I wish for, I feel so lonely. Right now, this late night in a cold city of Stockholm, trying to fight for getting my results in my final two month of uni studying I feel vulnerable and lonely… I needed to pray and I googled a letter to god, and I find this place, so I will send my prayer to my God: I need strength, I need focus, I need a heart that does?t each, I need to be strong and to see the end of the road. I need to be the human my God intended me to be… Can you send your prayers for me tonight? Maybe my God will listen to it tonight…