bout your kingdom and you.amen

hi god i want to ask for forgivness and thank you for dying for us and please come in to my soul and make me learn about your kingdom and you.amen

ank you for dying for us. amen

Dear Jesus… my husband needs work and a driver?s license. Violet and I need him to get things rolling in this area. He thinks he?s a loser, but we know he isn?t. Can you please give us a sign..we?re a hard time being happy and content because our money is so tight. Can you release some of that fortune you have readily available in heaven for us? We need it badly right now. Also, we need a new place to live…on our own and not with anyone else. Please come to our aid Lord…we love you so much..thank you for dying for us. amen

life and good dreams please!!!

hi lord i love u so much more then enybody in the world i wont to see u so bad … please let me have a good life and good dreams please!!!

on . thankyou for your beauty.

my good Lord. there is so much sadness in this world. But, I rejoice because I know the truth that you have set us free from death, by giving us your son Jesus Christ. blessed is the one who comes in your name. Thank you so much for Jesus. i am a sinner, and I am not perfect. But through your love your forgive me and others. Thank you so much for your mercy. Thank you so much for HOPE. I want to get the message out to as many people even if they don?t want to listen, that you are our true great powerful loving patient giving merciful wonderful everlasting God who loves us and blesses us even when we sin. My friend?s mother in law passed the other day. Lord, I hope she was saved. I want so many people to be saved. I watched this show the other day called amazing videos and this guy got arrested for so much weed in his car. 12 loaves. and he was in the backseat of the car screaming for you to help him. I couldn?t get past his cries for help. I imagined people screaming just that in hell, for you to help them, saying, OH NO, I just can?t believe it! and it made me cry. So much sadness and so many people don?t know your truth. and the ones who hear it chose to ignore it. Ijust don?t understand. Lord, I know that those who are your and will be yours will hear and listen to you calling them. Father, thank you for being so patient and loving us. I know you are coming soon, please continue to take your time. Your time is different than our time. Lord, I was tempted today to do wrong. but, I remembered your words. be prayful at all times, and stay awake so we may not fall into temptation. You are real father. and you do not condemn. Your word says it all! through our faith we are saved. I hope that All people who write a letter to you, read mine and know no matter what, you will never leave us. It?s us who leave you. it?s us who abandon you . You are faithful. You stay with us, and by your blood we are saved, healed and yours forever. thank you Jesus. Happy birthday. Thank you God for your promises. and for being so faithful. Lord,one day, I can?t wait to have your name on my forehead, and for you to be my sun that never dies. In Jesus name amen. Lord please continue to bless my family and me with health and keep us safe from the enemy and temptation . thankyou for your beauty.

finance, sentimental, familial

i am so misereable and have many problem that i dont where to startor finish please help me resolve my problems. finance, sentimental, familial