better souls is…I Love You!

Dear God: Ive tried my best to fulfill your will as shown to me ,fore whatever reason I feel that I have not succeeded because Im burdened on every side,I can please no one,much less myself but above all ,apparently you! Please give me a sign that Im not alone or foresaken,I need YOU! Forgive me for my weakness and shortcomings that have apparently displeased you.I seek you grace,love and mercy .That I may live to praise thy name anew.Thank-you for all you have done for me and Thank-You in advance for hearing my cry….Please know I love you and have tried my best,even if my best isnt what the best of better souls is…I Love You!

.Thank you and I love you God.

Dear God, Please forgive me for all my sins in the past and present.I know I can be a bad person sometime and I know your watching over me.Forgive me.As of this may 2007 year,I got scammed and now has a lawsuit against me from my bank that i owe them $7100.My new freind turned out to be a scammer and now I have no one to turn for help.Please help me get thru this rough times Im going thru.I also dont have a car since I got it sto in february 2007 and also quit my job because of no ride.Please tell me my life with change soon and everything will be alright.Please tell me my scammer will get arrested soon and will be punished for his crime.All I want is enough money so I can buy a new car,get a job and take care of my self and my mom whom I love her so much.Also,please tell me that I will be reunited with my son whom I havent seen for almost 6 yrs now since his mom left me for some guy.All I do is think of him 24/7 and even have dreams about him sometimes.I feel so sad and lonely without him.He will always be in my heart n prayer.Also,can you tell me grandma and Mellissa Rae Burns I said HI for me and miss them so much too.Thank you and I love you God.

happiness. In Jesus name, Amen

Lord. Thank you for blessing us with this day and for blessing me with life. Please forgive me for all my sins, and cleanse me from the depression, fear and overwhelming feelings I?ve had. Please help me feel a person again, as though I have a reason to be here and a purpose in life. Please lead me to you, Lord and show me that life is good and that there is a true reason for happiness. In Jesus name, Amen

you to help me out what to do

i will need help with my kids get them back. and i love my kids a lot. i want them back. i want you to help me out what to do


HI GOD. I am sorry for not going to school wensday 12/5/07.It?s just that I was sick and their was a class trip,but it is outside and I don?t want to get more sick.I will go back to school tommrow and I will do all the work that I missed. LOVE AND PEACE ANGELA CARDENAS.

Dearest Jesus. :) Love, Sarah

Dearest God, Please have my Grandma Marie in heaven contact me by phone, email, or by post mail. I miss her and I want to hear from her. I go through every day and want to relive fun times with her again, but I can not because I can?t see nor hear her voice. I don?t want to go on with life, but I want to come up to heaven and be with my grandma. Its too hard and I wish Grandma could come visit me. I miss her. Give her a big hug and kiss for me. Thank you. Please take me up to heaven soon so I can be reunited with Grandma again. Thank you. I Love you, Dearest Jesus. 🙂 Love, Sarah

ht track God. Thank you. Amen.

Thank you God for everything that you have provided for my family and me. I believe that the relationship that you and I have established is a good one; I am very happy for all the opportunities that You have provided me with. I am so thankful and appreciative; I want to get through everything and know that I am on the right track. Keep me on the right track God. Thank you. Amen.

things get better love sueann

please help me and my family god to have good health and to help us with our rent we are allways trouble with paying our bills we cant pay our rent every month we have been borowing money all the time i hope we dont get thrown out on the street please send your prayers and strength with us and things get better love sueann

ld my faith in jesus name amen

Dear Lord. i just to thank you for what you done for me and what you are doing for me and everything you will be doing for me. please forgive me for all my sins in words thought and deeds, come in to my life now I will exept you as my lord and saviour. Lord , i wrote you before and so far each time I wrote you I am feeling so good I know you have answered my prayer. please dear God, help me to overcome all my troubles and grant me freedom from the goverment ad ins, I am tired of being so stresse out because I am taking care of my old mother and I am worried that the feds wil come at me to arest me for a past crime i never commit but, since the person who did it is dead the feds are trying to put me away. I am beleiving in yoou for a maracle becausei need you in my life you are the only one I can put my trust in. i need your help and confidence and help me build my faith in jesus name amen

you with all my heart forever.

Dear, father in heaven i your child Craig Holmes ask you father in heaven to grant me greater prosperity and make the way clear for me to prosper and be without constant money worries. Heaven father bless my work and my efforts,lord prosper my hands my mind and thoughts. lord i craig holmes love you with all my heart forever.