ieve, they did. Love, Jeremiah

Dear God, I think we did it. You told me to believe, and I did. When I was hoping that my friends could believe, they did. Love, Jeremiah


Hey i dont know why you killed my 4 baby turkey?s!! yeah whats your problem! Im always angry with you because you make my things WORST! I DONT FUCKIN KNOW WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT GOD. im very mad at you.. yeah im sick of listening to your sacrifice on that cross. i hate you! my mom is mad at me bexause of you! Have shame! Im sorry. I did?nt mean to.. but still have faith in you… but WHY O WHY i think i wanna die! This life you gave me is worthless right? But WHY WOULD YOU MAKE OUR FEELINGS COMPLICATED!!! MY TURKEYS DIE! BITXH I HATE YOU IM SORRY I DONT KNOW!


o dear heavenly father,please bless my family and i with health and strength so we can do our normal work on a daily basis.bless us so we can do whatever is right and do no wrong things.IN JESUS?S NAME AMEN.

pray this in jesus name. AMEN

Dear God, I am undergo to financial crisis right now. I have a lot of debt to a different people that reach more or less a half a million. I dont know how to pay evrything. I have a problem also on my tuition fee in school. my graduation is on april 17 and i cant graduate without paying my balance of 70k. I almost giving up right now. Im not feeling well right now and i feel bad to those peolpe around me specially the sanguniang bayan members. Please give me streng to solve all my problems. I pray this in jesus name. AMEN

or everything u had given me..

Thank you god for good parents..thank you for giving me good brothers sisters.. Thank you for giving me good inlaw famiies.. Thank u for giving me a healthy body..thank you for giving me a caring and loving husband..thank you for giving me wonderful kids.. Thank you for giving me good friends..thank u for a such a good relations.. Thank u for everything u had given me..

er feels better real soon amen

Dear god sorry for things I?ve done wrong my name is Doauda sorry for my sins for give our sins sorry for laughing I hope my father feels better real soon amen

race, truth and love?s desire.

Dear eternal god of grace, truth and love. I have been stuck in my heart for years now and it is as if it will never fully recover. Why do people chose other than their true love? Why am I in this situation and how do you suggest that I get out of it? Dear god. Help us make the right choises and that we may discover the one and the love that you intended us to find and trust that. May those who truely belongs to eachother find eachother to your Heart of grace, truth and love?s desire.