husband we did not listen and

i am 25 year old and this my 2 marriage but somebody told bad thing about my 1 husband for 3 year but i sep. for he that we can work thing out but we fight so much and i want to he brother i can tell to he but his brother but he not listen and then 2 year past i start a nice he was church go and he love so much but i love he but i love one husband (i know in my heart we together) i dircove my first husband an i marriage again. my first husband he tell me love he me back i say no and then i find out my one husband marriage that girl he on me with and then he is sad and i am sad.that girl is cheated with girl and man and take he money and i ask forgive me and first husband we did not listen and

ing you know what I mean. bye.

Right now father Jesus I would to pray that prayer I just lost by hitting the wrong botton are something and it was much I pray that the wailling wall still receive it with in your powerfull name sir. amen. as I was saying though I would to pray that my mothers children acknowlege her being in Heaven now threw resonsibility praying for her every morning and just for the simple fact really know that she is still alive so we do have oppurtunity to still share with her we love her amen. I would just to be able to give her somehting right not thats all. I also pray that I do not disturb her rest.Father Ive been hanging in there my hold life saying yes I am a Christian. I feel it?s really time to stand strong with it.In your name sir I pray for strength that I may mantain this route.and once again for most maybee I cool. love you guy??[ Oh yea and maybe this is it that girl that came over there checking on me with ??Rell is you allright?? I said yea ??you?? I said ,she said yea. but was that my wife I hurd the voices of my older brothers say, that was left down here on earth while we were up there saying ??REll?? Got an wife. but hes just a baby. you said yea he has a wife and IM going to get her then you brought her up within light speed, and was that Alicia Keys. IM still stuyding.are was that young Brett acting he was an girl because sir I hurd you and ;wait a minute am I saying that was the one and only Jesus I saw over there. Thats what it sounds Im saying.but if it was I hurd you pull a fast one on me you told who ever that was to act. once again Im still stuydying oh yes sir I hope that was Alicia; why not she hecke fine; it?s just before I had came up there I just was talking to Brett,he was lying on hes bed getting stiched up while I was heading to get stiched up sir Lord of mines.I dont know Im gone keep stuyding it ;but actually I exspect you to reveal the truth to me:IM gone pray about it. amen Thanks again??HI Wonder Woman?? WHats up Tupac Sakur.??chillin,chillin.and then befor I go I guess I gots to gone and get up one this situation to get my self somewhere,so allow me to pray for an ultimate prayer for myself and some pure cover as I guess I now must present myself to the community threw my music ministrie I shall say as ST.LUke to transfer to get black business?? I say I should just sit back and let you carry me there if Im gone make it there maybe but I feel I also must maintain the fight you know keep worjing for you so thangs can surley work out for me if I can I ask for your blessing apond this name with I am I guess ??Superman Luke?? thanks Jesus FOr every thang as I dont dwell on my yesterdays blessing but look ahead for many other blessings within your name ;Amen sorry for the long time typing Sirs IM just hustling you know what I mean. bye.

r my family and keep the safe.

Lord please forgove me of my sins forgive my friends and family of there sins and wathch over them as well wathch over me. lord let me be able to land a kickflip on my board that you blessed me with. Father let me remeber and understand your word. Also lord let me follow your word. Father also keep me safe from the dangers of the world. Father you are my saviour your only son died on the cross for everyone please let people understand it, and follow your word. Also Lord dont let me get grounded any time soon. Father i have faith let it grow. I wont to have a place in heaven. Let my family have a place there to. Also lord let my cousins get into your word Lord i dont want them to go to the lake of fire. I have faith that you will do these things for my lord. let me also get straight A?s on my report card this grading period. I have faith you will do these things father i love u so much please wathch over my family and keep the safe.

me Thank you Sweet Jesus Amen.

Thank you God for another day. Heavenly father, I just want to say thank you for another day you gave me , I will forever praise your name, I am glad you call me to do your will. I am writing to you again father because every time Im scared or worry about things somehow, this letter bring me so much comfort and peace of mind cause I know my prayers are being answered, I know now how to release my faith in you and I truely beleive you are going to answer me ,but please dear father help me quickly, or send good helper to help me save my home frome from forecloser, and dont let the government take me away from my mother she is all i have and i am all she have she depend on me for everything cause she cant do anythin for herself. I need you now lord fix all the shortcomings in my life and make me a better person. Grant me peace in Jesus name Grant me happines in Jesus name Grant me good health in Jesus name Grant me prosperity and wealth and riches in abundance in Jesus mane Grant me long life in Jesus name Grant me freedom from the ins and the goverment in Jesus name Grant salvation in Jesus name Grant me a spiritual calling to preach to the world in Jesus name Grant favor to everyone I come in contact eith in Jesus name Grant me to be the winner in my husband court case in Jesus name Grant me removal of all my enemies known and unknown in Jesus name Grant protection of all my blessings you gave me in presence,past and future in Jesus name Grant me to be an important person in society in Jesus name Grant me to be the most loving person and kindhearted in the world in Jesus name Grant me to be young and beautiful in Jesus name Grant me a direct contact with you in jesus name Grant my husband who went home to you to be a better place with you in Jesus name Grant my two sisters who went home to you give them comfort and let my husband and sisters know Im asking for then in Jesus name. Grant my mother a healing in Jesus name Grant my children a healthy and happy life in Jesus name make my home a secure place to live in in jesus name Grant me guiding angels to protect my home and all the things you bless me with in Jesus name. Grant me faith that all my bills will be taken care of in Jesus name Thank you Sweet Jesus Amen.