sion and love. I Jesus name…

Dear Jesus, You have touched my life so many times and I often wonder if your trying to work through me to help the man I am in love with. This tortured man needs to experience your unconditional love more than anyone else I know. He was horribly abused as a child by his parents. He never learned what it feels to experience true, unconditional love from an early age on. This haunts him to this day. He use to pray for you to help him when he was a child but he gave up because no one stopped the abuse. I ask you, with the most sincere heart, to please heal his heart and instill in his heart a love he has never known before. Take away the raw anger he has and replace it with compassion and love. I Jesus name…


Dear god, I am lost. I am so scared that what i need to happen, won?t happen. So i will get to the point, i am tryin to help save a friend but for me to help i need some help. I have just moved my family so that we can do better. And i know in my heart that we will do better. But to help my friend i have to get her with me and my family, cause it will save her. But i only have two weeks to find a job & it?s not working out to good. For me to help her i need a job to get the money, so i can get her here. So if you can please god show me a sign. And i know asking for a job is stupid, but it?s not the job that matters to me it?s her, so if you have time please god help me to help her. AMEN THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ME.

ide him iand take care of him.

thank u to all the blessings u have given us.thank u for allowing me to enter in michael?s him iand take care of him.

ame Amen Thank you in advance.

Dear Lord Thank you for speared life and forgive me for all my sins in words thoughts and deeds. I just want to thank you for taking time to bless the hands that take my letter to the walls of jerusalem so my pyayers could be answer. Lord, last time I wrote you I was so depressed but, I beleived you have answered my prayer as I am not so anxious anymore, I thank you again. At this time I ask you precious father, to help me overcome my debt I have to pay a mortgage my husband took three years ago but, now he has gone to live with you three months ago I am alone with an old mother to care for so please dearest father in heaven help pay my bills and streghten my health so i can continue to care for my mother. one more thing father please help to get my birthcertificate so I can get a job without this paper i can do nothing, also help me to be free from the ins they trying to send to some country i dont know nothing about because i dont look a normal person, so please dear lord take charge of my life so my worries and stress and problems will be gone. Please god do something quickly I have to face the ins and the goverment on dec.3rd so help me to be freee in Jesus precious name Amen Thank you in advance.

to give. thank you lord jesus.

dear God, Please forgive me for all the sins i have committed. please help me to have a wonderful relationship with you. I need you so very much. Please continue to bless me in order to be a blessing to others. Please bless my finances so that i can bless others. I need you so much in my life. hear my prayers lord, that i don?t be evicted. hear my prayers lord, that the prayers that i pray be answerd. I can not do this alone. i need you god. please help me in my struggles. i believe in you and have faith in you. i love you god and need you in my life. speak to me god so that i may hear. thank you for the blessing you gave and the blessing you continue to give. thank you lord jesus.

s. In Jesus Christ name, AMEN.

Dear God This is your daughter Crystal. I know I have not been doing the things I suppose to have been doing. Lord I really need your help. Thank you first of all for giving me life and believing in me. Take away all the pain and struggles Lord. Bless me with a good job to take care of my 4 precious kids. Bless us also with a place to call our own home. Help us through this everyday fight. The devil is a liar. Hear my prayers God and please forgive me for my sins. In Jesus Christ name, AMEN.

light and the way..Love Gianna

Hello Lord..I have been searching alot lately for my place with you and where i fit into your Great plan, in the process im not sure if satan is trying to decieve me through others im just faith that you will work things out the way you want, evrything works ultimatly for you.I am asking that -in the process you will especially put a hedge of thorns around my son joseph, while im learning,discerning and being patient with the angry, hateful advesaries workers..Also will you please help to give me willpower to stand firm on my sobriety, and also remove the cravings for ciggaretts, and for booze and also i no longer have any use for guilesome knowledge or double minded talk or unkind judgemental words agianst others…I will proably miss church due to a bad choice i made..I just hope you will forgive me if i go tonight at six, instead and email the pastor.Lord i am really trying to loose the unrighteous anger and also the self made monster that i glorified without realizing, I now know that you are the All powerful and i will lay my anxiieties on you and my human fears on you too.Your fruits are LOVE LONGSUFFERING JOY HOPE PATIENCE FORGIVNESS KINDNESS GENTLNESS AND PEACE…I am trying day by day to become a better child of yours, a better vessel, a better messenger, a better GOOD NEWS giver, a better example of your truth please be patient with me..I love you lord forver, You are the Alpha and Omega, The Truth light and the way..Love Gianna