for not paying attenchion amen

Dear god , Sorry for things I?ve done wrong Hail Mary full of grace The Lord is with you blessed women Jesus mother now and our death amen I go to church on Sunday I sing in church sorry for not paying attenchion amen

ans for me. Lord help us. Amen

Dear God, Please help us. We are broke. Help my disabled partner and my special child. Help him to stop smoking. Help us financially. We dont know how we can survive. Im still helping my own family, we dont have food. I pray that my ex pay me back for the money that he owes me. I dont know what your plan is, we are so down and i feel that we are abandoned please God dont forsake us help us. My partner?s ex wants me to be kicked out from the house, the house is under her name, im the present but i feel im the mistress here, i dont know if my partner loves me. I dont know if he has plans for me, for us. But i do know You have good plans for me. Lord help us. Amen

ers studies in Jesus name Amen

Dear God Please bless my daughter and I with health re-unite us bless us with a financial breakthrough with a house and finances to fix the card and get a fridge bless my jobs and my daughters studies in Jesus name Amen

bal. Thank you very much.AMEN.

Lord first thanks you for floods of blessing but i still have something to ask you i know you know what it is but still i will ask you im kinda scared or nervous for my test on wesnesday please let me be confident and guide me answering all those question written and verbal. Thank you very much.AMEN.

Thank you for everything Jodie

Dear God I send an application form and a letter In Cathay Pacific Airline applying for the cabin crew position. I know I?m not a better person to ask you Lord Jesus Christ to give me this position but I?m here asking you to help me to reach my dream to become a flight attendant. Please give me another chance to make my family happy and if this was a selfish thing to do I wish for my happiness too because I?m tired to live in loneliness and lies. Thank you for everything Jodie

e way we are supposed to live.

Please bring peace to the Middle East. No more suffering, pain or torture. Please, this is not the way we are supposed to live.

up to and valued. I miss him!

God I lost my friend. I lost an amazing argumentative clever person, who taught me so much. He was someone who i was always wanting to talk to when i had a question about life and i tonight i had a good case with arguments. Erik always had the best arguments and they were true and i know it. He was such a caring person and took care of everyone in the school. What i loved about him is that he did not pick favorite people. He did not judge anyone by their looks, acts or thoughts. He was a person who when you saw him he would have a jokeful and funny look on his face. Everyone had some kinds og inside jokes with Erik and he certainly did not deserve to leave this Earth so soon. He was too young and had dreams he didn?t get to accomplish. He is now my role model because of his attitude and care for people. He had a great life here and he was an amazing human being. I wish I could have told him how much I cared about him before he left. Earth is a darker place without him in it. Please take care of him because he was strongly looked up to and valued. I miss him!

god please madat kijie please

bas kijie ab mene aapka kya bigada hai ku mere jindagi barbad karte ho ese saja ku dete ho please god please madat kijie please