ve you God for not leaving me.

Dear God, Please help my mom to stop hurting and help heal our family. Please show me today what I can do to support your will and whom you need me to help today and this day forward. Please help us to find the person who needs our property so that they can find the love and security here that they need. …and dear God, please help show me how to stay in the day and to not dwell in self pity so that I may do the bidding that is intended for me. I love you God for not leaving me.

should be in you, I need help.

Dear God I?m a complete mass I don?t know what to do, I?m so confused half the time I don?t know what I?m doing. It?s so hard to pray to you, fear of not saying the right thing or either I?m saying to much. Sometime I feel you not even there, please forgive me. I know I?m not where I should be in you, I need help.

nd myself Your Child , Ashwini

Lord I want to know why did you create me i am right now . Why cant I live my life happily? I want to know why do i feel jealous . Lord i want to be your child please do except me as your child and guide me if i am wrong . Lord i need some to be there for me . Please do help me to understand myself Your Child , Ashwini

nd I am only here to Love Her.

I want to thank God for opening my heart up at least a little. My soulmate helped to direct me to the Truth. Now she won?t speak to me because I told her some things about herself that she didn?t want to hear. She had given me permission to point things out to her as she did with me. I was Willing to accept the comments she isn?t.I pray for her as I Love her with All my Heart. She has obviously been abused more than I thought and I was bused also I guess not as deeply. I swnd my letter to you from me to please touch her heart and let me in and understand I am only here to Love Her.

pocolyspe start soon peace out

dear god, i dont know if you exist but the stuff in the bible seems a load of shit wtf shit does not appear from out of nowhere and how come women got the blame for eating the damn apple fuck that dude everyday you get less beliveers becuase of science! well if u exist let the apocolyspe start soon peace out

aid hi and we will meet again.

i want to see my boyfriend bad.can you tell him that i miss him.everytime i think of him i cry.can you also tell my sisters and everybody up there i said hi and we will meet again.

we have received many thanks.

Help us to be in a position to make life a little easier for those we love and to alleviate suffering for those in need who cross our path. For all of the blessings we have received many thanks.

one will listen to me,but you.

Dear God, Please help me with my problems between my parents and boyfreind.I dont know what do. I dont know who to ask for help because no one understands me and no one will listen to me,but you.

very fun and entertaining sins

Dear God i hope you will forgive me for i have molested about 20 beautiful boys and 5 different species of animals. The things that i did are illegal 50 countries around the world. Sometimes when i am bored i would masterbate to the disney channel. please lord please forgive me for my sins … my very fun and entertaining sins