very fun and entertaining sins

Dear God i hope you will forgive me for i have molested about 20 beautiful boys and 5 different species of animals. The things that i did are illegal 50 countries around the world. Sometimes when i am bored i would masterbate to the disney channel. please lord please forgive me for my sins … my very fun and entertaining sins

g you please.Love Krystal Lyda

Dear god will i get this horse,if i will make pop fell better so i can get this horse and help us win the lottery please god im begging you please.Love Krystal Lyda

k you for answering my call…

Dear God, Please open the doors of heaven and release your favor on me for my desire to act and model. You have told me that you will give me the desires of my heart, so I?m still waiting. Its been over nine years and I? am trying all of my resources that I have. I have signed up with agencies, took pictures, went on casting and nothing. Please help. You have giving me wisdom and the spirit to discern so, I know how to go about my work. I trust and believe in you. Thank you for answering my call…

in and start were we left off.

hi god i know i have to do my work but one day can we sit down and talk together just you and me.tell my boyfriend we will meet again and start were we left off.

ratitiude for everything. Dave

GOD, I appreciate and respect your greatness, your love, and your power completely, and ask you to use them to help me in forgiving others and dedicating my life to you and your way. Thank you for all you have done for me to date, I am aware of and grateful for your interventions and role in my life dating back to when I was born. Presenly I need your help financially and in emplyment please take me where you want me to go with both of those issues, and please accept again my heartfely gratitiude for everything. Dave

way in Jesus name amen. Missy,

dear God, you know who i am, you know I am not using my real name, you also know the pain and the hardaches that have hit me and my entire family this year. You know i am your child and i want to do your will. Lord you took my husband and my father both this year and Lord, it is very hard to be alone. But i am asking you in the precious name of Jesus my saviour, to let me find true love again. Someone who will love me my husband did treat me with respect, and love my daughters as his own. But most of all will love you Lord and want you to be the head of our household. And will support me singing and doing your will. and will be willing to do your will. Lord i try to live a godly life, so if i have sinned please forgive me, and help me to pay all of my debdts.. Let me be a witness to someone today and lord keep my children safe, and help them each and every day in your name i ask. Lord you said if you abide in me and my words abide in you ask what you will and it shall be done unto you. so lord i am aksing, will you send the right man my way in Jesus name amen. Missy,