you very much, God. Thank you.

Please god, help me thru these times of hardship. My grandmas and grandpa are in pain and I don?t want her to be anymore. My dad is a hard time surviving these years and i want to help him make life easier. My aunt Barb & children are a hard time with the loss of husband and dear father and they needs help. Please help so that we can do something as a family to help each other. Thank you for my wonderful family and for all the good things I have in my life. Please help us all to be healthy and if it isn?t much to ask if mayby i could somehow get the money to help all of them so that we are all secure in our present and future and do not have to worry about how we are going to make ends. I promise to help them all for all that they help me with everyday. Please help me with my patience. I need you to take over my life for me and lead me in the right direction. I surrender. I can not do it by my self. Please forgive me for all my sins. I love you very much, God. Thank you.

se help me, please, I beg you.

I seek help from God. Dear God, I am currently experiencing some hardships. I have made a mistake on my finances and have now been in deep trouble. I tried to call the financing people who are in charge of my car loan, I was hoping they would work with me as far as them work a deal with me. I do have plans on paying them but because I moved in the middle of the month I ended up paying twice the rent for just one month. I was expecting to get my deposit back but my old roommate did not move out. You see I tried to help her when I let her move in with me, but because she decided to stay I could not get my deposit back. This had caused me to have back pays on my car loan. I worked really hard to get this car and I don?t want to lose it because of some financing mistake. I am really hoping that somehow you?d be able to enlighten the person who I will talk to and help me get through this. The other thing was I tried to get a loan from school and I didn?t get it because the school said that I exceeded the amount of units that I applied for. This was my other back up plan to pay my back payments on the car loan so now I ended up not being able to make a payment. Fortunately, I was able to take out half of my 401k plan but it?s not enough. They are now asking for the whole amount which I don?t have. I worked so hard, I go to school, I go to work, I even assist instructors in our class for free. I could have answered their calls before (the collectors) but out of fear I didn?t answer it. If I knew then what I knew now, I would have at least picked up that call and try to deal with the situation. Please help me, please, I beg you.

before then. I Love You, Nell

Dear God, Thank you for loving and caring for me. God I beg you to take away my pain and make me lose weight and become healthy. I also ask you to restore health to my 3 children. I ask you to heal their soul also, if they don?t beleive in you and love you as they should, intervene Father. God heal my lonilness, please put someone in my life that I can do things with, relate to, and be happy with. Also make my 3 children happy. My granddaughter go inside her soul and head and clean out all the cob webs and let her understand love and affection. please make her realize that she dosn?t have to exploit her body and emotions in order to receive love. God, please prosper me. I just need to pay off my house,car,get another car and truck, fix up my house and get my land cleared, and have enough money to last me the rest of my life. God please don?t let me suffer in my old age, or get senile. Please take me before then. I Love You, Nell

, after 20 years , on 2-8-99.

Thank you GOD , for allowing me to live after suffering a 60 % Body BURN , drom an , ?? UNSOLVED HOMOCIDE ?? , by person(s0 uknown. I forgave THEM befor I set my feet on the Hospital floor , two months later , when I woke up from a TWO MONTH COMA. Thank you for allowing me to NOT Drink anymore , after 20 years , on 2-8-99.

thank You with my whole being!

My Wonderful Father in Heaven I praise You,thank You and worship you with my entire being. You have no need for my words of praise but because You are totally LOVE You are willing to stoop to my level…..Father I thank You especially for giving us Your beloved Son, Jesus, as our savior…….such unfathomable love……can only be remotely comprehended through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.Again, Father I love You and thank You with my whole being!

ratitiude for everything. Dave

GOD, I appreciate and respect your greatness, your love, and your power completely, and ask you to use them to help me in forgiving others and dedicating my life to you and your way. Thank you for all you have done for me to date, I am aware of and grateful for your interventions and role in my life dating back to when I was born. Presenly I need your help financially and in emplyment please take me where you want me to go with both of those issues, and please accept again my heartfely gratitiude for everything. Dave