prayer. I love you God! Amen.

Lord, God, This Christmas.. I want a PS4. I reaaly want to have one. Please hear and read my prayer. I love you God! Amen.

nce in my life. Where are you?

God I was told all my life that you exist, though am never sure about that. The terrible a misfortune and injustice I have experience in my life. Where are you?

!!!! Muito Obrigado Senhor !!!

Oh Senhor Deus Pai !!! Despertai no inconsciente coletivo nacional principios de integridade etnica que propiciem a salva??o do tipo branco no Brasil !!!! Muito Obrigado Senhor !!!

I care so Much for them. Amen

Dear god please give my family protection and surround them with Angels. Please watch over me and my family. I care so Much for them. Amen

precious baby. thank you God.

dear Lord, please don?t let mom?s hip be broker from her fall. she will not make it thru a surgery. please help it be a bruise and please keep Kailee away from her demonic husband. set her free and let her want to start over and protect that precious baby. thank you God.

to be my heavenly lord Christ

Dear God I would you to bless be with a holy child of my own and that I will teach it all of your ting and for I want to experience motherhood and raise child right so please let it be and I?ll pray to you every night as a good person that I am so please allow it to be my heavenly lord Christ

l folk dance i love u god amen

dear jesus i am not a cristian but i know u listen to everyones prayer i wish that little sophie should come back on tv at 5 o clock daily please god please i beg u it would be fun and it should never end and tmrw i should be selected in the tamil folk dance i love u god amen

Jesus Christ. AMEN Thank you ?

?????? Dear Almighty , Lord I?ve been going through a lot this whole week which is coming to an end today father… I know I?ve sinned in front of you … I?ve spoken ill about my friend behind her back and I can?t help feeling guilty… not only inside me but in college and everywhere I go … Lord this is my only chance to pass my gcses this year and you know that yaweh Please God all I want is help from you… help me to get over what happened between me and my friend and most of all.. Please help her forgive me so we can be friends as we used to be before … I?m aware she could be a distraction sometimes but father help me to get along with her again. .. I miss her so much I can?t help it … Jehova also help me to stop talking ill about people from today … help me to understand the right way to deal with people and avoid arguing … father help me …I?m desperate for your help … I?m crying for your help as that?s the only thing that will take away my guilt and make her forgive and forget what happened between us… I love you father and I know you love me too . I pray this trusting and believing in God through Jesus Christ. AMEN Thank you ?