to waste it. Thank You, Lord.

Dear God…First of all, let me start off by saying I?m sorry. I?m sorry I haven?t been better at the things that are most important. I?m sorry I let my anger, depression, and even greed cloud my better judgement. I?ve lately seen several results of my neglagence, and I blame everyone else, even though I know that it?s all my fault. I know you?ve granted me several opprotunities to get my life back in order, but I let them pass me by, because I was too blind to see them. For all these reasons, I?m very sorry. Right now, there are only two things I beg of you. First, I beg you for forgiveness. Please forgive me for all the wrong I?ve done, and all my shortcomings. Finally, Lord, I beg you for open eyes, that I might not be blind to see any more opprotunities you grant me. If I?m given another chance to get my life back, I will do everything in my power not to waste it. Thank You, Lord.

let them call me…please….

I called Sweetwater and the HR lady said they were doing second interviews next week. I haven?t been called. Please intercede God. I truly need a job. I want to work. Please intercede. I am so scared. I have to work and there hasn?t been a thing. This is the first real thing. Please let them call me next week. It?s a short week with Thanksgiving. Please God, let them call me…please….

? Make me feel you tonight….

God forgive me for doubting you. I have put limits on you, the Lord of All Creation!!! How could I have dared to do that? I am sorry Lord! My human weakness has gotten hold of me. Teach me to trust you more. But do not test my faith again till you have fully strengthened me. Talk to me Lord– a Father to his son. The recent events in my life weakened me. Lift me up. Carry me again you always did when I was down. I call on you now. Where are you? Make me feel you tonight….

confused. Enlighten me Father.

Father I do not understand why you deprive me of the joy that I seek. All I got for all the effort and sacrifices I made is heartache, and you want me to call that ??blessing??. It?s hard for me to do that if I do not understand you. Talk to me Lord. I need to know. I have been suffering because I am confused. Enlighten me Father.

i pray this in your name Amen.

Father above..Thank you for the beautiful days that you have given us. For being our god, our father, our lord, and our savior,and our best friend. Forgive us for we have sinned but let us come foward to you to confess. I know im working on being a good person a better leader to everyone..a friend and whatever it is that they see me as. I also know that i need to help out alot more at home with my family, because at times i see myself putting other things before you and before them. Show me the love, the life, the heart of you and keep it with me.. for as that is something that someone else will never know about us. that is the ??heart of god??. Please forgive me for my wrongs and at times my selfish moments. Fill me with the holy spirit and all the joy and non worrinesses that i need to use in hand to full fill my heart and sprit. Never let me stop believing in myself which is to keep you in my soul. I have alot but something is holding me back from it.. in your power give me the strength and confidence to over come that mentallity. I made a promise to you and ill never let that slip. =). i pray this in your name Amen.

tmas Please GOD,Thank you Amen

Please father , I need help in such a bad way , We are in over our heads with no job and have been faithful and it has been over a year. We have to sell our home Please !! find someone to fund these peoples loan so we can go on with our lives . We are in GREAT NEED LORD!!! please help ASAP. We have no more money not even to give our children a christmas Please GOD,Thank you Amen

blood of your son Jesus. amen

Dear God, I am sorry for not being a better father. Lord I pray that I am forgiven. Lord I thank you for the many blessings that you have given me. I now pray for a job that you have for me here on this earth. Lord lead me all the days of my life and fill me with the Holy Spirit. Let me glorify you in be pleasing to your eyes in all that I do here on this earth. Lord take all of my Pain and Worry from me now. Give me insight into where I need to go. Lord don?t let the devil steal my joy. I pray these thing?s in your name by the blood of your son Jesus. amen