er me from up top hurry HURRY.

First off Father God I want to thank you for allowing me to meet you when I was young,I had a little accident and there within the hospital while they were stiching me up I skipped out and indeeded up within the vail while over there Father I saw you hovering in mid air looking an light bulb not pluged in but still with light shinning. while there father the angel that was holding me flew me up to you and you said ??Terrill?? then you said sorry I have no arms. Like I must of said in the other letter I wrote you I didnt recall this moment intill these days Im in now so for over about 20 Years I forgot about that night and what a bummer I probly could of had a better life then I have now by using that information that I?ve seen something behond reality.But then sir I think I hurd the angel almost pretty sure it was the angel that flew me to see you. over here on this side there while I was laying in my bed he said I have to take that Information from you and that he would give it back in the future if I show up there as A good person. Well again I say ??if this isn?t self rightouesness?? I received the information right after I came from the channel 7 news live coverage,I was on there with my brothers of christ,we was rapping about your glory.That must mean that angel saw that I handeled life as not an so bad christian and gave me that memory back that me and you father God met face to face.I was 7 when the memory was snatched and recoverd it there when 28 years old. but real quick Father God it?s not about us two right now; Am I correct?it?s About your son Jesus, I have it all wrong ??huh? sir, I mean Im really just counting on you to forfill my desire;just asking ??no sir Im not going illetarate on you?? I should ask Jesus I bet.Father when up there I remember you running exstreme fire oy yours threw my body if Im correct what ever it was father it was the most love this spirit ever had felt during this lifetime experience that I recall.On top of that just seeing the other side period I guess.I wonder if I can get some of that down here Father Jesus and God.Now time for the sad news. well fathers? and my guardian angel and newcomer today my mother Yvonne Elizabeth Crookshank;thoes looking out for me from the Heavinly realms. It?s not only been 31 years with out my wifey here for that good old favor but you guys when I was out threre putting my heart into my music when everythang was said and done today it just seems that I dont get no credit and on top of that they spelled my name wrong on the first alblum then on the second alblum it seems they did?nt spell my name at all. my third alblum must of flopped because not only wont I take bold steps the spirit told me but Im un able to find it nor you father Jesus so can we cut the crap my heavinly friend and you bring me home so that I can complete my dream for real as a Superman ??no?? The superman please sir. But honestly it?s over huh sir not un keeping the faith. I mean Im in church you guys waiting for an respond that this is my true destiny I fence to go on the road as one of thoes musicians I hurd these one congregession praying for Dear Fathers and mother help me please Im really suffering down here and I mean bad for these romantic dreamy thoughts I have for all of my family memebers to live;and then theres her Natasha vs Wonder woman who?s gonna win. Mother I mean well; I mean I goofed dont you think?I feel a frog I leap for things I want but never truly get them because Im not handsom I use to be I guess you that story it?s gonna take the princess to turn me back into a prince.Father God and Jesus why do I feel Superman when I put my belt buckle on with the Superman S and my touched by Christ?s cloak?s bullet proof sweat T tight slim fit shirt on. The feeling of it the Superman I am comes and go it kanda has me feeling wisshi washy. But any way I just praying for my blessing for me to happend and emmittely to secure me from pain please Sirs and Maims that watch over me from up top hurry HURRY.

e blessed with God?s love. Amy

Lord, Please protect all of the children of the world, including my own. Please protect all the men on earth, including my husband. Please protect all of the women on earth, including myself. All living things live through you. I know there is alot I don?t understand and might never, but I want to love with compassion. Make eternal relationships with you and mankind. How much more will our earth go through before you intervine? I know you are there with us, but seeing you divine power overthrow evil will certainly be one wonderful moment of manmade time. Make people realize that money does not establish character, it establishes materialism. I love you and everyday I vow to give you more time and PLEASE forgive me for my sins. If at all possible please forgive my loved ones for theirs also. They are only human. We are not perfect by any means. I hope this really does go to the Holy land because the only way I could ever go is to soul walk. Thank for my family and friends, but most of all thank you for the blood of your only child shed to forgive fools as myself. No one could ever thank you enough, but I will try through my actions. I love you! Thank you, Lord! I have no denomination but Christianity! I think the Pope is blessed as we all are in God?s light. Thank you to the person who takes this to the Holy Land and may your life be blessed with God?s love. Amy

ill be alright. I love you Amy

God, Please make people that hate Americans to know that we are not all evil. USA is in JER USA LEM. It may not be so but I would to think that is a subliminal message from you telling us everything will be alright. I love you Amy

dear God.I vill pray all night

Father,GOD i am about to have hiv test became positiv,please if yuo can helpe me ,beacose you only one hu cane helpe, nobady else.Thanks dear God.I vill pray all night

ank you for Your justice. Amen

Dear God…Please have mercy on us sinners and help the unbelievers to believe, rescue us from evil, protect us from darkness and fill us with your Holy Spirit. Dear God…I ache for my parents? rigorous? trials and I worry about my sons? future. Please cleanse us all and the world. Please show us the way to pure joy. Please let us know the peace which passeth all understanding through our devotion to You. Let us see You, please. It is only through my faith in your love that I hope. I pray to be worthy of your kingdomas I pray the same for all who err. Thank you for Your justice. Amen

elp , I don?t know what to do.

Dear God, I havent been the best christian lately, matter fact I don?t have many christian ways. I lived my life thinking that I don?t need you, but I do. No one can give me the help and guidance that you can. I?m so troubled with many burdens. My life is on the wrong path and I don?t even know how it got there. I just no I need help. I need a reason to want to wake up in the morning. I need to see a reason to keep going and make something of my life. I need help , I don?t know what to do.

what you would have us do Amen

Thank you lord for all that you have done for me Without you I have nothing Please bless my family Lord Give us the guidance we need to do what you would have us do Amen

and let me get the call! Sarah

Dear God, Thank you for all the blessings in my life. Please intercede and let me get the job at Sweetwater. I really need a job as you know. My twin cannot work now and it has been two and half months without work. The interview went great–please intercede and let me get the call! Sarah

r I would really appreciate it

Dear Lord God, I am a sinner and I am sorry, Please have mercy on me, I don?t know why I am writing or where this is going but it feels good to get it out. I have no right to ask but if you could please help me out this christmas. Help me to find the room and make it special for my grandmother I would really appreciate it