this day and as well as others

Father God I ask you to forgive me for all of my sins, and sins that are hidden in my heart. Father God purge me hissop and create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. I pray for the peace of Jeruselem. Father God I need more guidance in life. I need healing throughout my body,mind and soul. Father God I thank you for your love you have towards me, Father God I need protection in my life right now. Father God I pray for this nation as in whole. Father God direct my path, my desire is to do your will. I cry unto you because you is holy and you is the King of my life. Help me Father God help me to walk upright before thee, cast me not away from thy presents, my sins are great before thee. I have search this world and I have not found none you. we all have sinned before thee, but you yet loves us, I want more of you. more of your spirit. I want to lift up all those that asked me to pray for them, Father God you know them by name. I want to also pray that soon you will bless me with a car to get around and do the things you have called me to do, thank Father God for answering all my pryers this day and as well as others


Dear God, As you well know I have had a really rough month spiritually. I have tried so hard to stay focused without much sucess. I feel depressed. I am very dissapointed with myself, and you must be too. My family is so distant from each other, and only getting worse. My son never answers my calls. I know that he is also depressed. I feel so weak Lord…Save me. If you do not answer me I will die, and my enemy will laugh in our face…I LOVE YOU JESUS…Rose

way you want me to go, Father.

I love David. And I can not get past him or let go of him. If there is any way that you, Father, can have David come back into my life, then I believe you can make it happen. You know that there are complications to this, but I believe you have caused me to keep holding onto David and there is something special going on here that I do not quite understand. If I need to let go of him, you need to help me get past David. Please let me know which way you want me to go, Father.

s comming up what do you want?

hey wats up i am sorry i wasnt in church yesterday, but i went to ccd tho…….you bday is comming up what do you want?

lp me god i beg for your mercy

god i am very sorry for what every i did to anybody i am very sick that all things are bad i ask you to forgive me on what every i had done i real am at the end of my rope i cant take the pain and suffering anymore feeli i am ready to jump off a bridge i ask you god to trust in me and believe for the sake of my kids plaese help me god i beg for your mercy

h. in gods name I pray for him

please help me keep all the bad people away from my good friend Matt, and i pray for his healthy return to good health. in gods name I pray for him