the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Lord, pls help me to pay all my debts. I don?t want to file another bankruptcy. Help me to find a good job or business so I can support my self and help my daughter in her finances dear Jesus. My 2 houses is in process of foreclosure and I can?t do anything because for a year now I did not make enough money to pay my mortgage my Lord. I know you are the only one who can help me and I really believe in miracle dear Jesus Christ. I?m begging you pls help me. I?m really in big trouble Lord. Also Lord pls help my daughter and my son-in law with their problems esp. in their relationship. I thank you Lord that my son-in-law will no longer going to Afganistan dear God. I know you heard our prayers. Thank you so much Lord. Please help me and my family and relatives in the Phillippines and to all my friends who loves me and my family. I?m asking these in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

oo! god please please help me!

im crying now i took a quiz am i going to hell and it said yes! please i dont want to i beleive in you god i pray too! god please please help me!

my life. You know who this is

God Pease hear my prayers, I have not asked you anything but just this time let your will be the as mine. I want Joe back in my life as soon as posible. You have give me all the cosequences and did all the testing but you have not give me Joe. You have blessed with him and then took it him away. I believed that once you give things in blessing you give it for ever, What happened with me? I do try to live my life the way you want me to so If you can?t bring Joe back in my life soon then take my life. You know who this is

yesterday. Please forgive me!

Hello, Lord I know that I have not been doing so great as doing your will. I am a human and I intent to fall into sin so quickly. I need your help and your mercy and love. I need you to guide in and deliver me from my enemies.Put the desire in my heart to seek you will you can still be found. Me and my family need you more than yesterday. Please forgive me!

e help me! I love you forever.

Dear God, I love you and ask for forgiveness. I?m sorry for what I did today and in the past. I must remain strong in your spirit to overcome this sin. Please help me! I love you forever.

e speaking of your name…amen

God I ask that I may have patients with this world and myself.that I stay on your path and not the one people and myself have made thru out the years. I pray that when this world end my heart and soul are with your and that I will have no fear. I pray I raise my son to have faith and live by you. I thank you for my son, he truly is a gift from my soul be with you may my faith be untainted and strong.. Love Hope Security in you may it always feel near with just the speaking of your name…amen