our king. your daughter ashley

dear god you are a wonderful father. youve been good to my family.i will meet you one day and ill be prepared to go.thank you for being such wonder ful man and for everything i have.your my life.i want to thank you for my friends and family too.y our king. your daughter ashley

t to do what needs to be done.

Dear Lord, Please give me strenght to help my daughter through this difficult time in her life. Help her see what she needs to do for herselp and her babies. Bless my family and keep us strong. Please guide me in doing what is best for her. Give her the strenght to do what needs to be done.

but as much as I possibly can.

Lord, forgive me. I got right with you last night, but now, I?m doing it right. I love You, not as much as You love me, but as much as I possibly can.

07 and beg for an record deal.

Father its me again, Yea theres more. I did something scary to myself maybee. Where should I start;maybee there where I was left on the 3rd floor of central middle school in galveston Texas, praying to you with my hands on the window taking on that tornado face to face as the whole school even the teachers ran for there lives,and then the feeling when I then ran to catch up with them after I prayed and walking outside to see there faces I remember what I said ??no one saw what I did? I just took that tornado on face to face as my handsw were on the window I saw the tornado blocks away from the school,Besides the ghosts I be hearing talk to me I told no one of this I mean that day that moment I felt Like an superhero.It was just unbeleiveble but no one saw it thats all I saw on all there faces. Father theen there was the time when I got older then at the window taking that twister on I was I say 13 or 14 years old,but then there was when I got older I cant remember why I had to talk to you maybee it was because of this Me never A woman thing,but I got up during the night and walked about 50 to 100 blocks to this park where I felt I met you before I went up there another night,but had an car that time and I was up there asking you for an future for myself one that comes with success and today I?ll to say fun and then including the special woman that I can Hang out with because shes in my life.that very night I felt your presents say Im gonna give you that future.since I met you there that way I guess I had to return I had to talk with you again,but father this time the night came with shooting stars I mean to tell you right when I got into the park I just said to myseolf ??Terrill?? turn back it?s to dark then the shooting stars has if they said no keep going,and let me remind you it was very dark midnight dark both times I think I should say sorry to you fot scaring myself; But then in the middle of all that I met a friend the voice from the shooting stars I said o.k I will countinue so I walked threw the very dark trail of the faith that thoes stars had gave me then.I get to the end of the trail wich is where the ocean begins and I say ??Father make me Superman this way then I can get me an girl?? I recall me saying then you know father back there in town people really dont listen to me when I talk,so can I rap to you how I feel about things instead of talking; and then I started to rap.Father you must of hurd me ??right?? because I guess a year later I ended up in the news paper giving the credit that I do get music later that season I ended up on television. As if you said you enjoyed me rapping to you back there and you wanted to bless me with sucess when it comes to music.??Thanks?? But then theres I must of really messed up, that sex before marriage and then getting on stage you must have just took it all away. Instead of me saying then where did it all go.I would love to have it back along with me beeing the must faithfullest guy to you. obeying and everything.Alot of scary stuff ?huh? lost the future if I can say I ask to be superman but then I was so affraid of heights. I guess I would of got over it with I shall not fear no evil.evil beeing the fear of flying when I had to go get my girl. But yea back to reality I defeintley would love to have it back; the oppurtunity to do some great music. And can go for beeing faithfull to you for I remember who you are. I must of skipped ut somewhere.But yes father it seems it?s all sitting around waiting for you to activate it, telling Natasha that ??Rell?? really did meet you threw me when he was young also Pastor Mark and sister Mary. ??wow?? what another story.I remember praying to you when living with my aunt in Oakland and I asked that if you can allow me to become a music artist and can my little brother become an hoop star,today were up in running still after the dream.I gave my little sister to you.Today I sit in church here in Fairfield Ca Flames of Fire and I sit and realize that I may be living what I prayed to you for Because I tell you it,s all right there if you activate it watch it happen just you told me it would. I call myself working hard so that you would activate it, I kind of look at it lets say I got in a fight along the way and I lost,yes threw on tv as an fornicator,??Backsliding Like michael Jackson?? justa going the wrong way. so Im hustling up because the vision did say come to you in 2007 and beg for an record deal.

Me change my ways God Almighty

Thank You My Father for all You have given me and bessed me with. Forgive my sins In Jesus Name Help Me change my ways God Almighty