my Saviour Jesus, I pray. Amen

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray to you for forgiveness of my sins. I am such a sinner and I am truly sorry for that, please forgive me. Please fill me with your Holy Spirit and heal me in mind, body and spirit. Please dear Lord, I ask you to help me with my financial problems and my relationship problems. Help me to be a better provider for my child. And I pray for the spirit of my sweet Mom. Also I pray for all Christians and the prayers that they are praying to you. Thank you, dear Lord for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me and please help me to be a better steward of your future blessings. In the name of my Saviour Jesus, I pray. Amen

evered spend much time with me

I deeply desire to be his wife and friend for life. But now he?s mad at me and broke up with me because I told him off on the phone. but he nevered spend much time with me

please come to me and take me.

God my holy father myeverything. God i am your child always have been and always will be. Lord i am good to you i praise you and give you thanks for everything you have blessed me with. God i am telling you from the bottom of my heart i can take no more please listen to me father. Im shattered and you can see that and so can everybody else Lord rescue me right now please I cant take it anymore Lord end my life please just take me to heaven with you what do you want me here on earth for im miserable Lord i didnt deserve this i know i didnt im praying for a miracle Holy God I only come to you so dont turn your back on me please God please dont turn your back on me please God i pray that Marquise was lying please God save me and please fix my problems i put my life in your hands God i feel this terrible feeling inside me please come to me and take me.

e dear God. I love you father.

Father in heaven, I want to thank you for the many blessing you have given to me. I know I haven?t been the faithful servent you called me to be. I?ve made many mistakes and have done many things that I am not proud of. But through it all you never turned your back on my. I ask you father God to continue to strengthen my heart, mind and spirit. Teach me patience dear God. I love you father.

u eres mi DIOS…….lov u….

DIOS mi alma se alejo de la paz y del bien y dije perecieron mis fuerzas en JEHOVa mis ojos destilan y no hay alivio en mi alma acuerdate de mi afliccion y de mi abatimiento he caido en lo mas bajo lloro por que se alejo de mi levanto mis manos a los cielos por que hemos cidos desleales por que pecamos encontra de el las aguas cubrieron mi cabeza y dije estoy muerto buelbete ami no me abandones por que pecador soy no escondas tu oido amis suspiros; acuerdate JEHOVA DE MI NO ME ABANDONES EN LA DESESPERACION trae la bendicion a mi hogar aparta de mi tu ira para poder yo refugiarme en tus brazos acuerdate JEHOVA de todo lo que me ha sucedido mira i ve nuestro dolor nuestra heredad a pasado a extranos y nuestra casa a forasteros huerfanos somos sin padre y madre los jovenes no tienen felizidad los ancianos estan olvidados los ninos sin padre nuestro goso se convirtio en llanto perdoname quiero regresar ati tu me distes la vida ecuentrame en ese lugar donde sienpre me as esperado renueva mis dias como el principio no me rechaces por que el unico refujio mio eres tu saname jehova y sere sano salvame y sere salvo por que tu eres mi DIOS…….lov u….

in my dreams. I love you too.

Abba thank you for staying with me all day. I will go to sleep in a bit. Watch over me and speak again to my heart in my dreams. I love you too.