re myself to fulfill it. AMEN.

Thank you Father for giving me hope. Thank you for mending my heart. I ask forgiveness for doubting you, at the same time I ask for strength and courage to face what lies ahead. I ask that you whisper to the hearts of the people involved in my despair to be fair and compassionate. I ask that you let them consider my appeal, in the spirit of truth, as I pray for a favorable result… but Father I know you only want the best for me, and let your will, not mine, be done. Like a child I put all my trust in you now. Move your hand to let events happen according to your divine plan for me. I will prepare myself to fulfill it. AMEN.

ly one who can recieved Honor.

oh God i do not know y this people are even soing this website. but i guess you have a purposed for everything and its eye catching for others. so i know that this words that i am writing will be read by someone. To the reader: the closest place to GOD is ur own heart. think about it he can hear you with out u to speak, he can heal u before u ask for it and over everuthing he can save you if u believe in him. Pray to God he is the only saver the only way and the only one who can recieved Honor.

t. Please answer me. Thank You

Please God hear me cry and send speedy help where there is only despair. You know Almighty Father what is in my heart. Please answer me. Thank You

iero jesus ( i love you jesus)

i would to ask for forgiveness…..because i know that i was walkin in the path of god and then i turned away and got preganent. i want to come back and am trying very hard…..but i need a hand from you god. i know you know the problem that i am right now and i just pray that you can put it in your hands and save my baby….and help him to grow and to be strong. please god let my baby be healty…….i will give my life to you always just let my baby be healty i pray this to in in faith and trust. in the name of jesus i give you everything. please im putting it in your hands…………….save me and my baby in the name of jesus i pray aman. te quiero jesus ( i love you jesus)

if i faled you..Gianna Charles

Dear Lord Jesus, I dont know where to begin..I do know that Ilove you and my mind is always on you, i dont think ive ever had a best friend you in my whole life..I know i have been walking on the lefthanded path,drugs sex anger revenge foolishness hatred ungrateful and not witnessing your grace/love/truth and alcompassing love;I need you to help me to remove the stone around my heart, and to be able to discern people..I need to stop judging and start loving, i truelly am a loving woman mother and friend..LORD please protect me and my son from the devil and his legions…Please come into my life and stay, teach me and i need to give some of this deep anger and hurt to you i cant bear it anymore..Oh and jesus i hope i trulley am messianic jew..Anyways i love you and please forgive me if i faled you..Gianna Charles

n and will take care of us all

Father, All the people who post on this site. We are all in the same boat. We all feel lost, confused, lonely, in need of someone to hear us, understand us, help us, rescue us, love us. Father, it is so hard to live in this world. I mostly think it is just me who is hurting. But everyone is feeling just me. How are we suppose to know what to do and where to turn. I have to believe in you. To believe I can change all of these things and solve my problems really doesn?t give me very much comfort. I need to believe in you, Father, and Jesus. I know I am not capable of doing things on my own. To just know I have someone to talk to and count on is so very much comfort for me. If I did not have you to pray to and believe in, then I would not be able to survive this world. Please hear people when they talk to you and help all of us with our problems. I believe you can and will take care of us all

e mature and forward thinking.

Thank you for all that you provide for me and my soul. Thank you for my family, Tracey, Larry, Sasso, Gaibrois, Greg, Sam Saturn, Jen Fowler, Simon and Melissa and please watch over us, protect us, guide us and help us to protect each other to ensure success for the future. I?m sure you?ve got it covered, but would to ask that the guys at work support my growth and my attendance at the digital marketing meetings. Please give me the strength I need to be a fierce competitor and protect me from those who try to put me down and who are jealous of me (i.e., Leigh, Matt, other guys at work). Please help me recognize what I am dealing with and effectively and constructively respond with confidence knowing that you?ve got my back (and my front). Please help Jessica and Tracey find their future husbands, Charles and Karen work out their differences, Lisa and Gilad?s love to finally bloom (if that is what is right), please help Matt realize his mistake and come groveling back to me begging for a second chance and knowing he is in love with me… please continue to protect me and my heart and allow me to be mature and forward thinking.

done. I surrender all to you.

Lord, thank you for the things and the protection you have given so freely. Help me to be humble. help me to live for you only. please lift up my family in the time of darkness. please bring back love and security and respect. i lift up my son to you protect him completely. send the holy spirit to minister to my family and my self. I lift up my brother please bring his mind back and heal him. Continue to give my mother strength. You are and awesome GOD. thank you for JESUS. Jesus please help me to search you. Save my family. You are light in darkness. you know what needs i have and what is to be done. I surrender all to you.

me do this. Thanks so much. :)

Dear God, I know I am only fourteen years old, but I want very much to change the world and help people. I just don?t know how. And my family merely scoffs at my wishes to help people. I know I am not perfect, and I have done bad things, but that is why I want to try to help homeless people and animals, help people who have had bad lives, etc. I have a disease called hypothroidism and I have had my share of a bad life, so I want to make others better. Please help me do this. Thanks so much. 🙂