ill help me. Please help me. S

Dear God, Please help me through this hard time. I need to find a job so badly. I don?t want to lose my home. My sister is too sick to work. Let me find a job that can support both of us. Please God, intercede. I am on my knees praying that you will help me. Please help me. S

dificulties. I Love you, Fred

Lord, Please have the right job open up for me. Bless my wife and help us out of our financial dificulties. I Love you, Fred

In Jesus? precious name, Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ, Forgive us for our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us. You are the one true God and no one comes to you, Father, but through the blood of Jesus Christ. My dear parents have both passed into your loving care. You know my heart. Here is my plea. Almost nothing has gone the way we planned even though our efforts were strong and true and we sweated blood in these efforts and owe all we have and more in physical repayment. Now the curse seems to have been passed to our children. We?re all faithful and have worked extremely hard. Why are there no offers? Granted, we are alive and not hungry, but that could end at any given moment. We only want to see our children?s efforts cease to go unnoticed. We want to know that they will be fine when we are gone. Please bestow your blessings upon us. Please give our children a chance. In Jesus? precious name, Amen.

ove all and every thing, amen.

Dear Lord, please forgive me for my sins. Please grant me and my family a long life of health and happiness and also peace and love for the world. Please help us learn how to get along with each other and take better care of our world. Please grant my husband and I a child. Please do not forget a single person that believes in you and loves you very much. You for me are above all and every thing, amen.

now then. Let?s do lunch, eh?

Hey God, how are you doing? I know it has been awhile… old grudges die hard, huh? I?ve been okay – well, to be honest not so much. You know the events in my life, so I suppose you understand what I?m going through. My mood has been much lighter since I?ve been reading the ??Conversations with God??, but as uplifting as the books are and as optimistic as they make me feel about my own life I?m not sure how I can be sure that these books are not yet more fictitious horse apples written and put forth as being ??truth?? to confuse those wanting and seeking meaning in their lives. (Wow, was that a run-on sentence or what?!) How can I know? So, anyways, thanks for the lift in my mood over the last day or two. I suppose that even if these books are fiction, then it has been a good read. I must say something deep inside of me hopes that the God depicted in these books is in fact real. I guess my problem is that constant thought that nags me, ??I WANT to believe??… I should change that somehow… and yet, I?m such a natural pessimist, cynic, and skeptic about these things. I don?t think I will ever know blind faith. So anyways, if you would , send me a sign or letter or whatever to let me know how YOU are doing. Oh, and please let me know somehow… I mean, if you really exist and such. I know I shouldn?t be embarassed, but if you don?t exist then this letter is nothing more than a letter to Santa Claus… so will you bring me that model train for Christmas then? Ha, I?m joking. So, I guess I?m supposed to end this thing with ??Amen?? or something, but that just seems to formal and I?m not really even sure what it means, so I?m just going to end with ??Thanks and have a nice day??… and hopefully you caught the inside joke. PS. Oh yeah, hey… I know I?m probably overstepping my boundaries here, but if you?re really there then will you do something to help R. get through this lawsuit without a stroke? Or maybe you could just help me to know of a way I can help to ease the process. Okay, I?m really going to leave now then. Let?s do lunch, eh?

you alone. your daughter Iris

Dear God, please have mercy, pour out your blessings and forgiveness on me. I am sorry for my sins, and impatience… i claim the blood of Jesus over my children, my husband , my family. Let their be tremendous and supernatural healing over my marriage… let me be patient as I await and stand firm in your love and word over my marriage. Prick my husbands heart, and flood him with the love and power of the holy spirit that he will follow your will and turn from his sin, and be the husband and father to our four children that I know you called him to be. Give me strength Lord to endure this hardship, and wrap us in your loving arms, carry us through this and use us for your greater good. I love you Lord, and I will cry no more, knowing that you are blessing us. Thank you GOD for your infinite Love and understanding. I praise you alone. your daughter Iris