one. God, give me a companion.

God, I hate you. You allowed me to live and i don?t feel good. god, all i do is aly around because you tell me life will be better, but the only thing i notice getting better is YOU. Where am I in this plan of yours? Am i finished, and ready to just lay down and die? Where is my happy ending for the service I?ve given you, God? All i ask is for love, God, and all i get is this evil personality surrounding me. I?m sorry god, I?m so so sorry, but i?m only human and i make mistakes. But god, you have to understand that I see faults in your plan. I demand compensation. I demand a beautiful girlfriend who can not only understand me, but make me feel alive. god, i have nothing to make me feel alive. The daylight is a loop, i noticed. Day night day night, and nothing else. Green, orange, white, and nothing else. God, where is your variety? God, why can I not travel? I don?t want to travel alone. God, give me a companion.