precious Son Jesus name, Amen

God, thank you, for everything you have done for my Family and I. Thank you, Jesus for dying for our sins and rising again three days later. God, please send my sister and I Godly men. Please, God you pick them out for us, because we haven?t been doing a good job. God, please let Sylvia get the job at the University, let her be a blessing. God, please send my Family and I a lot of blessings indeed. Please, God give us more territory. Please, God bless our homes, schools, jobs, cars, and where ever we may be. God, please work your super-natural power and let the Coal Miners come out of there alive. God, please heal Billie Williams from cancer. God, please each day protect my Family, Friends, and myself from evil things and people. God, please bless our heart, body, and mind. God, please bless us finacially so we can help the people in need. God, thank you for all of my Family, our Friends, and my blessings. I love you, Father and these blessings I ask in your precious Son Jesus name, Amen