The country that once existed is dead..

My heart is with you. Dear lady, you are not alone in this feeling of yours. I am 40 years old and I don?t recognize my surroundings. I remember my childhood. People were different, the world was different. Maybe it was harder from a practical and technological standpoint. The world was less developed ??? but today? People turn on each other. Once, the partitions between people were thin, there was a sense of joy in giving, there was hope. Remember the days when we sang peace songs? Hope still pulsated within us. But now? Who is singing peace songs these days? Those songs even sound a bit pathetic to me now. Our country and the people in it have changed in the wake of that dream. There is no longer any hope for peace, for serenity ??? we are dealing with survival. We have long since ceased to build, so the walls between people are far thicker. People don?t believe in anything ??? not in each other, not in the rule of law, not in the government, not in anything. It?s every man for himself. Is it any wonder that everything is different? It is sad, very sad, but dearest lady, I suggest that you stop thinking about it. Deal with the here and now, without dwelling on the past, on what was, because it is no longer relevant. Be happy now, and do everything you can to be happy now, because you deserve it.