Why so sinful

Well, once again I decided to sin big time all of a sudden. I live a good Christian life and then get a desire to sin sins I don’t usually do. What is wrong with me.

Just out of the blue I do stupid stuff like watch p, or look up evil stuff or masterb… That’s not really like me, I have come along way to overcome a lot of these sins over the years. I also swear, have had more bad thoughts and comments, I am critical, and am getting an attitude.

I think I am just tired. Sure am tired of letting God and my self down. I also have tons of other sins too. I ask God to help, bless, and totally forgive me as I have others. I want to be on his side. And help others. Jesus saves a tired old sinner.

The Forgivenet website gives you a place to confess and tell the things you’ve never told anyone.