A lie is wrong and bullying is bad to wrong don’t make it right

Dear Jehovah Jesus:
Less start with the big lie white! human don’t look like a white sheet of paper so they’re not better than other and in Jehovah world all are equal.

Republican start an insurrection against your brown and Jewish people’s. The British monarchy who say they are the anointed of God what God?
Jehovah is about unity and not bullying, Jehovah is about giving and not taking, Jehovah is about loving your wife and not infidelity in your marriage and blaming your dead wife when she can no longer speak and marriage your side chick and put a crown on it and I mean it? Jehovah is unity with both your son’s and their wife’s and all your grandkids not your side chick kids.

Jehovah is about not monarchy using the tabloid to feed lies and at the same time misleading his people’s the British monarchy can’t be the anointed of Jehovah the true king of kings and kingdom’s do not lie do not cheat on his people’s do not bully and not comment violence through out the world and still there economics wealth. I ask you my king Jehovah Jesus keep sending your Angels to watch over prince Harry and his wife princess Meghan Markle and their kids prince Archie and princess Lilbet Diana and grandma Dora send your Angel name Diana.

I also ask you Jehovah to bring down the British monarchy they several no one only take. You are the only king and the world attention should be only on you. Help us Jehovah, fight all battle on the battle field from the evildoers like the republicans party and republicans senators who started a insurrection on 1/6/2020.