A list of problems driving me crazy

I am scared to face a new day because of the following things;
I have no job and my family agreed to let me be that way for some time
I was proposed for marriage by my boyfriend and we decided to do a court marriage because I can’t see anyone else paying for a wedding except for myself so until I get a job and savings i shall have a small ceremony to celebrate our union
My boyfriends parents are in India and I have to travel with him after the court marriage, so I gave my passport for renewal, it has been 1 and a half months I’ve been following up, and turned out there was nothing being done by the immigration officers of my country Tanzania in the town of Arusha.
My boyfriend is supposed to come to my town end of the month of October 2022 so we can do the court marriage as he is in the city called Dar es Salaam which is a 7 to 10-hour drive. But his job keeps on changing his schedule increasing workload exactly in the ending of the month making it impossible for us to have the court marriage in my town with my family present.
At the same time, I feel like it would be okay if I, alone go to his city and get the court marriage done without my family because my parents and I have had problems ever since I was younger and we recently had a serious family feud which led us not to be on talking terms and yet we live under one roof currently.
My passport not being processed leads to the delay of getting a visa and booking tickets because we planned to leave by 2nd November 2022 and it is already 18th October 2022, nothing seems to be going on track.
At the same time I didn’t even get the dress that I wanted for the court marriage.

And imagine the dresses that are sold here on my budget are of $20 maximum.

And still I can’t get anything.
It feels as if so many things are being blocked for me it’s frightening.
This wave of problems is driving me so crazy I have been patient but it seems to not work anymore

Why do we care what people think of us?

How much do you care what others think of you And why do we even bother with that? I do not care what people think