About Us

Your website for asking forgiveness

Forgivenet web site provide surfers with a platform:
To ask for forgiveness from anyone whom they harmed during their lifetime
To send yoyr prayers to God that are placed between the stones of the Western Wall in the Holy Land
To relate their personal confessions – the secrets that they have never told.
The website is a universal website and is intended for all people regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, nationality, sex, education and the like.

Our web sites:
In English – www.forgivenet.com
In Spanish – https://dios-perdona.com/

The site enables any person to ask for forgiveness from people occupying different roles in one’s life; family, couplehood, God, school, work, etc. In addition, one can send a letter to God which is placed among the stones of the “Western Wall” in the Holy Land.
There is a possibility of asking for forgiveness anonymously and send it through the site by mail. It is also possible to respond to other requests for forgiveness. The site function also enables one to tell a friend that he has been hurt by him and that therefore expects a request for forgiveness. The site enables the renewal of old relationships between friends, family members, and divorcees, etc. We are happy to have relationships mended following a request for forgiveness on the site

The website is an attractive and encouraging way for asking for forgiveness and as a guide for fulfilling a superior goal all year long. The website is a virtual tool that serves as an active social communication network and provides an elegant solution for relieving the stress and the burden that sometimes remain locked inside the heart for a long time, thereby providing the individual with a platform enabling him to remove the barrier and ask for forgiveness. The request for forgiveness can be accompanied by a nice gesture of compensation via the site, such as sending flowers, a gift and the like.

The aim is to create a social change for a more peaceful life by presenting and granting a new and unique method of requesting forgiveness. This solution appeals to all the population regardless of gender, religion or race.

Actually, the idea of creating an internet site whose content is requesting forgiveness began with a personal incident of a close friend who had forgotten his wife’s 30th birthday. After being expelled from his home for three whole days, he asked for forgiveness thirty times on the forgivenet site and was pardoned. This led us to recognize people’s strong need for a tool that can assist in expressing deep feelings of regret, undergoing self-examination in the hope of leading a more complete and peaceful life.

The need to ask for forgiveness
Most people are in no hurry to ask for forgiveness, to put it mildly (to apologize, to confess, to makeup and so forth) for the people whom they harmed. This is due to the (unjustified) feeling that asking for forgiveness face to face is in some way undignified humiliating for the person who asks. As a result of this phenomenon the stress, anger, grudges, and a heavy burden in the heart remain, for both those who hurt and those who were hurt – and it’s a pity that that’s how it is.