Addiction to Lust.

Hey Jesus Christ.

You may know my struggles of Pornography.

I know I failed you so many times.

I know I asked for you to forgive me and I end up doing it again.

I tried everything.

I know how to defeat this problem but its me.

I’m the one who’s addicted to it.

I know I am the one attached to it.

If I could just one day make my decision for good which is just putting the phone away for a couple months and heal from this.

I’ve been addiction to this Pornography.

I’ve been addicted to Trap Hentai. Anything containing a woman with a Penis.

I know you’re upset with me, I just wanna stop this.

I can’t.

I just, can’t.

I hope one day Jesus, I can change and be the person I once was, which is someone who was not addicted to this.

Heal me.


This is making me depressed.

I love you so much Jesus but I continue to disobey you.

I’m sorry.

I wish I could have another chance with life.

and completely give this Demonic thing up.

I’m sorry Jesus Christ.

I’m sorry God.

I’m sorry for doing all of this.

I love you with all my heart.

And always will.