Many people, well before us, have said that dreams are actually the result of numerous thoughts during the day, or messages that are sent to us -we just don`t understand them. A dream is a subjective, emotional experience of a sleeping person. During the dream, the person experiences imaginary sights, thoughts, or feelings that are not always directly connected to the reality around him.

The dreamer usually is not aware of the fact that he is dreaming.

Dream activity is ascribed to REM sleep, during which there is eyelid movement which occurs in the final stages of the sleep cycle. When a person is awakened during this stage and sleep, he will almost always report on a dream he was having and the rate of recollection declines as more time elapses between the end of the rapid eye movement and awakening.

The content of dreams covers many different subjects: experiences from daily life, fears, challenges, past events, and more. Sometimes, dreams lead to artistic inspiration, ideas, and even solutions to practical problems. Documentation of dream content shows that many of our dreams involve problems that we dealt with when we were awake. 95% of dreams contain a connection to other people -partners in the competition, in aggression, or sex. Only in a small minority of dreams star one individual

A person dreams 4-6 times a night. Most dreams occur just a few minutes before awakening, usually in the early morning hours. Dreams last only a few seconds and are therefore quickly forgotten. Despite that, a person`s mood on awakening sometimes carries over and is affected by the dream.

Psychology has promoted and developed research into dreams. For Freud, dreams were an expression of urges that our culture does not allow us to express, particularly aggression and sex, urges that are suppressed in our daily lives and therefore arise during sleep. interpreting dreams enable us to peak into the subconscious -the fears and desires that influence our lives.

Some people believe that dreams are a reality, just like any other reality. When we dream, we are actually visiting the “land of dreams.” The land of dreams has its own laws, scenery, and residents, that are not connected with space and time -we can be in more than one place at the same time and, in effect, anything is possible: inanimate objects can move and speak, there are creatures like fairies, knights, dwarves, princesses, and sorcerers, the world can change, people sometimes appear as children and sometimes as adults, and, in the land of dreams, we can also meet those who are no longer among the living.

It is important to understand: dreams are not just imaginings or illusions. They are real experiences, similar to the experiences we have during the day. But instead of being “here,” we are “there” -in the land of dreams.

Dreams are not just the result of the past day’s events. A dream can recur again and again, to bother us like a conscience and, like a conscience, to call our attention to certain characteristics or actions of ours.

There are different types of dreams. Below are the main ones:

1. Prophetic dreams -These are dreams that prepare us as human beings for what will happen in the future. Sometimes things happen around us and we simply feel that we knew about them before they happened.

2. Dreams that are journeys into the past or the future -Dreams go to places in the distant past, where we relive the experiences anew so that we can observe them from a different viewpoint, like a bystander. Most of our dreams are trips into the past or the future.

3. Dreams in which we receive guidance from our personal guides -A person`s guide usually appears in dreams and gives him guidance. He tells him how to behave and what to do in certain cases in which he feels stuck, fearful, confused, etc.

4. Dreams that result from thoughts or worries that trouble us during the day -Often, when we are troubled, we dream about our problem because we take that worry with us into our sleep and our dreams. A dream of this kind holds a mirror up to the dream so that we will see things from a different perspective. Things are often highly exaggerated in dreams to shock of us, because only then do we understand. It affects us and we are also ready to make a change.

How can we remember a dream?

1. First, we must be clear about why we want to remember our dreams so that our subconscious will make the effort to remember them.
2. Before going to sleep, we have to place paper and a pencil next to the bed.
3. The most difficult part of all is, immediately upon awakening, having to sit up and write out the dream!!! We mustn’t wait, we mustn’t hesitate, we can’t assume that we will remember the dream later on (even though that sometimes happens) and we mustn’t indulge ourselves.
There are several details that are important to note when we write out a dream:
a. The date of the dream.
b. What was happening at about that time.
c. The plot of the dream, including special details, such as colors, symbols, something surprising that happened or appeared in the dream, etc.
d. What emotions the dream aroused in us. Were we happy? Did we awaken in a panic? What did we think about the dream, etc.

Interpreting dreams

It is well known that dreams contain various symbols and hints which belong to all categories: familiar people, animals, symbols, events, etc. If we know how to analyze the symbols that appear in dreams, we will be able to interpret the dreams. Below is a small sampling of the interpretation of some symbols:

Father -a symbol of power and reason.
Lake – anger from Heaven, a complicated situation.
Falling rock -caution from a family member.
Bus -a change in work or promotion.
Women in men`s clothing -A problem in intimate relations.
Sick woman -divorce.
Laughing people -joy that turns to sorrow.
Holiday meal -an important meeting from the past.

School -learning from the past.
House -great success. The bigger and more luxurious the house, the greater the success.
Prison -suspicions, a sign that difficulties await.

Man -a man who dreams about a man -time to think again.
A woman who dreams about a man-a love affair.
Roof -fina