The Tree of Troubles

There was a man who called a plumber, the plumber had done his work and once he was set to go home he discovered that he had a flat tire, the customer offered him a ride to his place. Once they got to the plumber’s home the plumber invited the customer in for a cup of coffee.
They both got out of the car and started walking toward the house, the customer noticed that the plumber had gently touched the tree when they walked passed it toward the door and only then did he get inside his house.

Once they got inside the plumber’s expression changed and he softly smiled to his wife and warmly hugged his children, looking like a completely different person.
Once the customer finished his coffee the plumber accompanied him to his car.
The customer asked him why he had touched the tree.
And the plumber explained:
“When I come home I hang all my troubles on the tree, I forget them and put them in the hands of God, asking him to take care of my troubles. In the morning when I get up, I take my troubles backfrom the tree and start a new day, and I don’t mind telling you that every time I come back for my troubles they are much smaller than before.

The Moral of the Story

After the day passes the troubles are almost completely gone…
After the year passes one might almost make fun of them, or perhaps there is indeed an angel or maybe the hand of God which helps us forget our troubles.
Each of us may choose what he wants to believe in.