Personal Confessional

In the personal confessional, you can tell the things you’ve never told anyone.
If you have a confession about an act, crime, sin, or even behavior that you regret or are ashamed of, and until now you haven’t managed to get it off your chest and tell someone – now’s your chance.

You can write your anonymous confessions and anonymous secrets.

The Forgivenet website gives you a place to confess and tell the things you’ve never told anyone.

Recent Confessions

Anonymous Post

mi vida

Hola me confieso o no se la verdad me arrepiento de la persona que soy tengo 21 años soy mujer, me enamore un hombre que […]

Still messing up

Once again for the 15,000th time I still watched p and did the dumb deed. I am so mad at myself. I even started going […]

Still blowing off God

Once again I chose myself and sin instead of God. I watched p and did the dirty deed. I guess I am going to hell, […]

I’m sorry

I smoked weed and drunk alcohol . I am a liar and I like it. I stole in many shops. I have suicide and impure […]

Making it right

I want to make things right with God, so here goes…. I know we are supposed to confess to our brothers and sisters our sins […]