Forgiveness and Conflict Resolution in Close Relationships.

Couplehood Forgiveness – Have you recently offended a friend, family member, a colleague at work, and would like to ask for forgiveness? In you can send an email or post an anonymous request for forgiveness.

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Sorry I’m so …

Sorry, I’m so … Sorry I love so much and can’t live without you Sorry I want you all the time Sorry I want you […]

my dear love ! Sorry

my dear love! Sorry! Sorry I did not appreciate you and I did not give you the proper respect Sorry I did not trust you […]

Sorry my love, for

Sorry my love, for the days I caused you suffering. I’m sorry for the things I told you, that I said about you, that I […]

Sorry, my ex-girlfriend

My ex-girlfriend, I know you still hate me and I’m still a shit man for you, but I want to tell you something. Once we […]

I forgive you

You did not ask for forgiveness, but I could see through the tears that you shame about it. I forgive you for taking revenge on […]

Too bad

I’m sorry I got into a situation I hate you Sorry that every time I remember you I hate you Sorry I don’t appreciate you […]

Sorry for the timing

Sorry for the timing If I could change anything in my life I would ask To be born a decade later. So everything was different, […]