What about Me

I m tired

Look what happens is that I am in love with a person and I think he is too, but according to my family he is […]

Sorry for my soul …

Sorry for my soul … I want to ask forgiveness from myself, although it sounds a little strange but yes it is possible. Sorry I […]


I need to make amends for my sins, I am endeavoring to work on and overcome all my weaknesses and shortcomings with the help of […]

forgive me

Forgive me for not being a better person, I know that you would give me anything that you could, but what I want you not […]

Forgiveness from myself

That I don’t try harder. That I don’t make an effort. That I’m so sensitive and easily hurt. That I don’t have enough self-confidence and […]

forgive me

dear god i was very hungry yesterday and the day before and i am very sorry fr breaking my promise of vegetarianism, i jus ws […]