Forgiveness at Work

Forgiveness at Work – Have you recently offended a friend, family member, a colleague at work, and would like to ask for forgiveness? In you can send an email or post an anonymous request for forgiveness.

Send your forgiveness

Asking God

I ask for forgiveness for not being too disicpline in myself. I pray God will bless me with consistency and I can keep my heart […]

Forgive me

Dear Lord. Please forgive me . I need to think before I speak. I know it is wrong to talk wrongly about others. I don?t […]


I am so sorry about your bad news. Hope you feel better.

bad behavior

I was mean to my cubicle mate for a long time, around 2 years. He is a nice person and did nothing to provoke this. […]


Far easier it is to hate and be angry when you have given your heart and believe that it was not respected. Do not hate. […]

Forgive me Hailey

Forgive me Hailey, who always talks to me at work and I don?t listen to her at all because she talks so much and drives […]


forgive me for wanting everything and not wanting to work for it.

peeking at the document

Forgive me for going into your office and peeking at the document that you were supposed to present to us. Forgive me for stealing your […]